Draymond Green Reacts to Marcus Smart Winning DPOY

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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Draymond Green Reacts to Marcus Smart Winning DPOY

Draymond Green has become one of the NBA's most reliable defenders over the past couple of seasons‚ and his versatility has been rewarded with another Defensive Player of the Year Award. In an interview with Warriors writer Anthony Slater‚ Green revealed that he believes Ben Simmons and Rudy Gobert should win the award. Green's reaction to Smart's win was amusing and revealing‚ but the overall reaction should be based on the facts.

Marcus Smart dives for a loose ball in front of Steph Curry

After his first NBA DPOY win‚ Marcus Smart congratulated his teammate Draymond Green on the award. The Boston Celtics guard won with 257 points‚ 37 first-place votes‚ and 18 second-place votes. Gary Payton presented the award to Smart. Green was happy to see Smart receive recognition for his contributions to the team. After learning that his teammates had selected him as the defensive player of the year‚ he showed his support by posting a video message on Twitter. Boston Celtics guard Draymond Green was thrilled to see Smart win Defensive Player of the Year. The news sent the Boston faithful into a frenzy. However‚ the Boston Celtics have a few reasons to celebrate. The Boston Celtics have a potential NBA Finals matchup against the Golden State Warriors. This would be an opportunity for the Boston Celtics players to showcase their defensive prowess. Marcus Smart was also upset because he was named the DPOY winner. His win was even more disappointing since it was earned after he injured Steph Curry. But‚ despite his loss‚ Smart has a solid chance to win the MVP award. After all‚ he has won more awards than Stephen Curry this season. If he wins the award‚ his team will certainly have a better chance to compete in the Finals. But how will the team react to the DPOY award? The Celtics jumped on the Golden State Warriors' DPOY winner. But Draymond Green was not pleased. Green was upset with Smart and did not want to see him win it. So‚ Green was frustrated but also congratulated Marcus Smart for the honor. Draymond Green will continue to work hard to help his team win. And with the playoffs looming‚ the Golden State Warriors must adjust quickly.

Draymond Green's reaction to Marcus Smart's actions

Draymond Green's reaction to Marcus - and his overall reaction to the win - was nothing short of epic. The guard is one of the most versatile players in the NBA and his extreme knowledge of the game is second to none. He's led the Warriors to defensive success and is constantly directing his teammates to the right positions. In fact‚ Golden State's Defensive Rating is 99.7‚ and Green is the driving force behind such an outstanding defensive performance. Draymond is a leader and the best defensive player in the NBA‚ so it's no surprise to see him react in such a way. Draymond Green's reaction to Marcus - and Marcus Smart's win - is pure elation. He's not a huge fan of the award‚ but he was very happy to win it after a season in which he struggled. Marcus Smart's reaction to Marcus Smart winning the DPOY Award is a classic example of a player who is underappreciated but deserves a look. Draymond Green's reaction to Marcus - and his own - winning DPOY - was equally heartwarming. He gushed about Smart during Team USA training camp just before he was injured‚ and was awestruck by his ability to learn from Gregg Popovich. Green also defended Smart when asked about his play. The NBA's yearly voting process is based on the most votes‚ and Smart's nomination will help the Bulls retain their first-round pick. Draymond Green's reaction to Marcus - The Boston Celtics center was adamant on his Twitter account‚ praising Smart's play after Marcus Smart's victory on Wednesday. After all‚ Smart had just jumped over Stephen Curry to win the DPOY. As a result‚ Green and Kerr both called Smart on the court for his foul. The Warriors coach responded by congratulating him on Twitter.

Draymond Green's versatility

The DPOY award has been a favorite of big men in the NBA for years‚ but the category has been evolving into a best rim protector award. With the NBA moving towards a perimeter-centric style‚ it makes sense to reward players who defend the first line of defense. Marcus Smart's DPOY win has caused some controversy‚ however‚ as some of the league's leading big men are expressing their displeasure. While Marcus Smart won the DPOY award‚ Draymond Green's versatility is still unmatched. As a former All-Star‚ Draymond has won six All-Defensive awards in his career. He also praised teammates Mikal Bridges and Jarrad Jackson Jr.‚ saying that he had the best case for the award prior to his back injury. However‚ he does argue that without Marcus Smart's defense‚ the Warriors' defense regressed. Although Green has an elite defense‚ the comparison to Rudy Gobert has left Green feeling uneasy. While Green has played well as a defender‚ Gobert's play style is far more versatile and effective in the paint. The emergence of Rudy Gobert as an elite rim protector has also created a heated debate. As such‚ the DPOY race will be interesting after Green's return to the starting lineup. The DPOY should reflect both the Celtics' success and the team's overall success. Both players are capable of scoring and defending the other team's best players. Smart is a seven-inch smaller than Gobert‚ but can impact the game in the same way. Regardless of his physical size and weight‚ Smart's versatility should be highlighted in the DPOY voting. While the award is not given out to a point guard‚ his defense is what made him worthy of this honor. The Grizzlies' Ja Morant and Grizzlies' Marcus Smart have both been vocal in their support of the wing players‚ and Green's versatility has fueled a national conversation. The NBA has a tough time deciding between the two players‚ but he has a very good chance of winning the award.

His impact on the Celtics' defense

His impact on the Celtics' defense is undeniable‚ and his DPOY victory could lead to even more accolades for the lanky big man. Smart has contributed to the team's No. 1 defense this season‚ allowing just 106.2 points per 100 possessions. He has helped the team adjust to its new coach‚ Ime Udoka‚ and is a crucial piece to the Celtics' success. With a five-game winning streak‚ Smart is likely to take the award and get his first NBA championship. Smart's impact on the team's defense goes beyond stats‚ but his play has been crucial in the scheme. Smart averaged 1.7 steals per game and has consistently guarded the opponent's best ball handler or wing threat. His versatility has relieved Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown of some of their defensive responsibilities. Smart's success may well translate to the playoffs‚ and he has the support of his teammates. After winning the Defensive Player of the Year award‚ Smart is likely to be a starter again this season. His defense has been a strength for the Celtics since the start of the season. The team's defensive rating‚ which led the NBA this season‚ was led by the gritty guard. With his savvy and toughness‚ Smart has been a thorn in opposing offenses. His steals per game were second to none and he finished fifth in the league in defensive win shares. While Marcus Smart is a good player offensively‚ his defense is even more crucial in the postseason. His DPOY win came after a film session where he helped the Celtics learn about their defense. In Game one‚ Smart locked down Kyrie Irving and assisted Jayson Tatum's game-winning layup. His defense is the team's best unit on defense‚ and the Celtics will have a better chance of winning the championship than if he's not starting. Despite the controversy surrounding the award‚ Smart has been tremendous on defense this season. However‚ some analysts believe the award was given solely for narrative purposes. It has been 25 years since a guard won the DPOY trophy. The Boston Celtics haven't won the award since Payton in 1983. Smart's winning of the award was a huge boost for the Celtics' defense‚ which has been one of their top concerns all season.