Dumisani Zuma suspended again by Kaizer Chiefs, this time for ill

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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Dumisani Zuma Suspended Again by Kaizer Chiefs This Time For Ill-Discipline

You might be wondering: Why was Dumisani Zuma suspended again by the club? Well‚ the reason behind this suspension is his ill-discipline and refusal to extend his stay at the club. But‚ wait a minute‚ there's more! Read on to find out. Here are some of the reasons why Zuma was suspended. Hopefully‚ this information will help you make your decision.

Dumisani Zuma suspended by Kaizer Chiefs

Despite a recent suspension over ill behaviour‚ Dumisani Zuma has returned to the team. The former Naturena player was almost kicked out of the club after embarrassing the club last year. Zuma was banned from the team in November for driving under the influence of alcohol. He underwent a rehabilitation programme after his suspension‚ but has since returned to the team's squad. The statement also revealed that Zuma will not be included in the matchday squad for the away trip to Marumo Gallants on Tuesday. A disciplinary process will be conducted on the matter. The club did not elaborate on the disciplinary procedure. The club is not responsible for the content of external sites and platforms. The WorldNews does not endorse the content of any external websites or content.

Player's ill-discipline

The defender has been suspended again by the Premier Soccer League club after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was previously suspended for driving while intoxicated in November last year and was later sent to rehabilitation. The latest suspension came shortly after Zuma scored his first goal for the club against Cape Town City. The club did not elaborate on Zuma's latest transgression‚ which was not revealed. The defender is no longer a member of Kaizer Chiefs‚ which is disappointing news for the club. Zuma was suspended for the same offence last season‚ but was able to make a cameo in the matchday squad. Kaizer Chiefs did not provide further details on the offence‚ but it was reported on social media. However‚ the statement is a clear sign of a deteriorating relationship between Zuma and the club. The incident occurred in a training session on Monday‚ which led to the suspension of Zuma. Zuma has not been at training for 10 months‚ but his team has suspended him again due to ill-discipline. Zuma is suspended for a further 10 months and is also under rehabilitation. Zuma scored during a 1-2 defeat to Cape Town City. Zuma is likely to be reinstated if he can prove that he has learned his lesson. The suspension of Zuma has been a long time coming. The last time he played for Kaizer Chiefs was against Richards Bay in the Nedbank Cup. In the meantime‚ his suspension from playing matches with the Chiefs has become permanent. The suspended player will be barred from playing for the club until the disciplinary process is completed. The match against the Gallants is scheduled for 7:30pm on Friday.

Player's refusal to extend stay at club

Kaizer Chiefs are desperate to extend the stay of Dumisani Zuma‚ who has been out of action for much of this season due to injury. However‚ the former Naturena striker is reluctant to commit to another contract. Zuma has already signed a pre-contract with Masandawana in January. As per FIFA rules‚ a player can sign a pre-contract with any team. The only issue is that Zuma's health is at stake as he has never played a full season without injury. The suspension is the second time Zuma has been suspended this season‚ after being suspended in November after being arrested for driving under the influence. Zuma returned to the team last weekend‚ and scored his first goal for the club‚ which came against Cape Town City. Kaizer Chiefs said the suspension is a result of Zuma breaching the club's code of conduct. Zuma is expected to be released before the end of the season. After a lengthy absence due to injury‚ Kaizer Chiefs have suspended Zuma for a second time this season. A statement on social media confirmed the suspension. Zuma is not included in the matchday squad against Marumo Gallants on Tuesday. Furthermore‚ he is barred from all club activities until the disciplinary process has been concluded. So what exactly happened?

Reason for suspension

Dumisani Zuma has been suspended from Kaizer Chiefs due to a disciplinary process. The midfielder had scored a goal against Cape Town City on Saturday but had battled injury. Chiefs are not concerned with how players live their personal lives‚ but with how they impact the team. Zuma has been suspended by the club for three months. There are several reasons why he was suspended. The club has not specified why Zuma has been suspended‚ but he was found guilty of a breach of the club's code of conduct. The club also said Zuma arrived at training in bad condition. Zuma had previously been banned for drinking and driving. The club did not elaborate on why he was banned‚ but they say the matter will be resolved in due course. The club did not sign a replacement for Zuma in the Janaury transfer window‚ but failed to sign another player to take his place. Nevertheless‚ Zuma returned to training for Chiefs after his suspension. It is uncertain whether he will be available for the second half of the season. Zuma's suspension will be reviewed after he has completed his rehabilitation process.