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Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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In their last game against La Tri‚ Argentina won 3-1 in South America‚ but lost in their previous two matches to Venezuela and Paraguay. The team hasn't won a game in four out of the last six meetings‚ but have tallied 7 goals in those matches. In their most recent meeting‚ Argentina beat Venezuela 3-0‚ but it's too early to make too many assumptions. The Argentine national team is in Ecuador for the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying match. They have already secured their places at Qatar 2022 and will be looking to continue their unbeaten streak. On the other hand‚ the Ecuadorian side will be hoping to pick up a point to clinch third place in the standings. The Argentines are fourth in the world. The two nations last met in the Copa America in July 2021‚ where Argentina claimed a 3-0 win. Both sides have already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. With the win‚ Ecuador have extended their unbeaten run to 31 games and will be aiming for their first title in decades. While Argentina may have lost some key players from their starting XI‚ they'll have the experience and ability to deliver the results that matter most to their fans. Argentina and Ecuador are both undefeated at home. Both teams have won their CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers. While Lionel Messi has hinted at retirement‚ the 22-year-old Julian Alvarez has emerged as a bright young talent for the Albiceleste. With a win‚ Argentina will extend their unbeaten run to 31 games and ensure that they will not be beaten. Despite Argentina's recent win over Ecuador‚ the Argentines have already secured their ticket to the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Their previous games with both nations ended with the same score of 1:3‚ and both teams have a better goal difference than their opponents. In addition to being on the right side‚ both teams are in the top four in CONMEBOL. The Argentines are on the other hand ranked lower in the world. The two teams will meet again in the ConmeboL World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday‚ with the winner taking all three points and taking second place in the group. The Argentines are the second-ranked team in the world‚ while Ecuador are the fourth-placed. During this tournament‚ the Argentines have played the World Cup qualifiers in the past two years‚ but Argentina have not played in this competition since they qualified. The Argentines are still undefeated in their last four matches‚ while they haven't played any of the WC. The South American World Cup qualifiers between Argentina and Ecuador will be highly competitive. Both sides have won the World Cup in 2022. The Argentines have won two of their last two games and are the world champions. The other team‚ La Albiceleste‚ are the World Champions.

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Both teams have a high goal differential‚ so this could be the game that makes the difference. In South America World Cup qualifiers‚ Ecuador will face Argentina. Both teams have already secured a place at the World Cup in 2022. In this South American World Championship qualifier‚ both teams will be looking for their third place. The Argentines are the second-ranked team in the CONMEBOL‚ while the Ecuadorians are the fourth-ranked team. You can't go wrong with either. In South American World Cup qualifiers‚ the teams will play against each other in the finals. The Argentines have won all three games‚ while the team from Ecuador won the last two. The game between these two nations is crucial because both have qualified for the 2022 World Cup. A win for the Argentines will increase their chances of reaching the World Cup. With a win‚ both teams will be on track to the 2022 World. Argentina and Ecuador will meet in a South American World Cup qualifier on Tuesday. The two nations have been unbeaten this year and have both qualified for the tournament. The Albiceleste have won the last two CONMEBOL final‚ and they will be aiming to continue that streak in the World Cup qualifiers. However‚ the Argentines will be looking to avoid a loss‚ while the Ecuadorians are aiming to confirm their third place in the standings.