Ed Sheeran sends support to Ukrainian band who ask to join

Friday, March 25, 2022
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British pop star Ed Sheeran has sent his support to an upcoming Ukrainian band who asked to perform at a concert for Ukraine. Antytila have gained a lot of popularity after they sent an appeal to the British musician from frontline fighting in eastern Ukraine. The band asked the singer to join them during his performance in Birmingham‚ despite the fact that the singer is scheduled to perform at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham‚ England. After releasing a video on TikTok‚ the Ukrainian band Antytila asked Sheeran to perform under the bombs. In response to this request‚ Sheeran offered to perform at the Concert for Ukraine‚ a charity concert to benefit the country being attacked by the Russian-backed separatists. The British star will join other big names including Camila Cabello‚ Gregory Porter and Snow Patrol in the event. The show will take place in Birmingham‚ England‚ on March 29. Sheeran will perform live alongside Camila Cabello and Emeli Sande at a two-hour concert to raise funds for the Ukrainian people. The band has also contacted Sheeran and asked to perform on his stage. The Concert for Ukraine is scheduled to air on ITV on March 29. In addition to Sheeran‚ Camila Cabello and Snow Patrol will also perform during the event. The Ukrainian pop rock band Antytila recently released a TikTok video asking for support. In this clip‚ they asked Sheeran to perform their song Say You Will under the bombs. After receiving the offer‚ the singer immediately offered to play at the Concert for Ukraine. The concert will air on ITV and STV and will benefit humanitarian efforts in the country. The singer has responded to the band by sending his support. The Ukrainian pop-rock group Antytila contacted Sheeran through TikTok and asked to perform under the bombs in their country. Sheeran's tweets also expressed their appreciation to the band‚ saying‚ The Ukrainian people deserve a chance to enjoy a world-class show. The two bands will join the Concert for Ukraine next week and will be filmed for broadcast on ITV. The singer will be performing at the Concert for Ukraine on March 29. The band reached out to Sheeran on TikTok and asked him to perform remotely. The singer replied to the band that he was looking forward to listening to their music and wished the group well. The concert will be broadcast on ITV and will raise money for humanitarian efforts in the country. He will also perform at the concert with Snow Patrol and Camila Cabello. The singer is expected to perform at the Concert for Ukraine next week‚ in Birmingham.

ed sheeran sends support to ukrainian band who ask join
Image source : celebrityg

The Antytila band contacted Sheeran via TikTok to ask to perform. They were asked to join in the concert‚ so Ed Sheeran accepted the invitation. The show will feature a live performance by the band and a charity auction. A concert for Ukraine will help fund the efforts of the Ukrainian government in the country. The singer is scheduled to headline the Concert for Ukraine next week in Birmingham. The band asked the singer to perform remotely and to thank them for their efforts. The Ukrainian pop-rock band Antytila‚ which has been banned from performing internationally‚ has put their music careers on hold to fight for their country. The two sides have made an unlikely friendship. The concert will be broadcast on ITV and STV and will feature Snow Patrol‚ Emeli Sande‚ and Gregory Porter. The UK pop star's support to Antytila comes as no surprise. The band's members‚ based in Kyiv‚ have contacted the singer via TikTok in hopes of getting a chance to perform. The band's members have said that the Ukrainian singer is a very special man. And they are not the only ones in the spotlight.