Ed Sheeran wins a copyright battle over Shape of You

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Ed Sheeran Wins Copyright Battle Over Shape of You

The legal battle over Shape of You has been described as 'deeply traumatising' by Sheeran's lawyer. The singer has denied that he has plagiarised the song or copied the ideas. His lawyer says that the legal battle was deeply painful and has won the copyright battle. But what does this mean for Sheeran? How will his reputation be affected?

Ed Sheeran's lawyer says legal battle was deeply traumatising

According to Ian Mill QC‚ Ed Sheeran's lawyer‚ the copyright trial of 'Shape of You' has been a deeply traumatising experience. Mill says the singer never intended to use other people's ideas without crediting them. He said that he had always tried to be fair when he acknowledged people who contributed to his albums. The two sides are expected to have their case heard at the High Court today. Mr Justice Zacaroli will deliver his judgment on the case. The battle has led to the singer apologising for the plagiarism and copyright claims‚ saying he 'always' credits contributors to his albums. Chokri‚ who performs under the name Sami Switch‚ said he was deeply traumatised by the situation. Sheeran's lawyers claim that the legal battle was more than financial. In addition to the copyright claims‚ the song was the most-streamed song on Spotify this year. Chokri has accused Sheeran of copying his track‚ but the judge ruled that the two songs are not similar. Chokri's song contains several phrases similar to Sheeran's. Chokri's song was also credited to its writers. Both artists have said that the songs share some similarity‚ but they are different. The three men who brought the case to court have fought it vigorously. Mr Mill‚ who is representing the men‚ argued that the case should not have gone to trial. He said that the singer's independent creation had been frozen by PRS for Music‚ which collects royalties. Mr Mill also alleged that the former management of Chokri's label had deliberately targeted Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran denies taking ideas without credit

The singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran denies stealing ideas without credit from other artists in the shape of his song Shape of You. The dispute stems from the alleged plagiarism of a vocal part from Sami Chokri's 2007 single‚ Oh‚ I. The lyrics are a combination of pentatonic scales and rising triads that are not commonly found in popular music. Chokri and McCutcheon‚ both known as Steve Mac and Shaggy‚ claim that Sheeran stole the lyric from them and used it without their permission. In response to accusations of copyright infringement‚ the singer defended himself in court. He denied stealing ideas and said he was scrupulous about giving credit to others. The singer has also maintained that he does not remember hearing Oh Why before the legal dispute. Meanwhile‚ his lawyers claim that Sheeran's song was not copied from the song. The dispute also arose over two songs from 2015‚ Amazing and Photograph. While Shape of You was not entirely original‚ the song resembled another popular track from 1999‚ No Scrubs. Though Sheeran claimed credit to both singers‚ his co-writers were not. The song was written with Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac. These two artists‚ along with songwriters John Mayer and James Blake‚ are not well known in the music industry. The singer-songwriter also denied taking ideas from Chokri or other artists. Although Chokri has denied the claims‚ he did admit to deleting parts of his songs with unknown composers. He also denied knowing about Chokri before he wrote Shape of You. The singer-songwriter's tweet allegedly asked Sheeran to listen to his songs. In the High Court in London‚ the singer denied all claims in court. The case between Sheeran and Sami Chokri is still ongoing. However‚ the court hearing is expected to resume tomorrow. The singer-songwriter is scheduled to give evidence for the first time today‚ and will continue to do so tomorrow. However‚ he has denied the accusations‚ adding that similarity between the two songs was merely a coincidence. The judge has also ordered him to pay back a sum of $350 million to Chokri's company. The singer-songwriter has also been sued before. In 2016‚ his song 'Photograph' was the subject of a copyright lawsuit. In 2017‚ the same songwriter claimed that the song 'Thinking Out Loud' is a rip-off of another song. The two companies settled out of court‚ and the singer returned 35% of his gross publishing revenue. Sheeran denies stealing ideas without credit in the past‚ but he hasn't stopped working on it.

He wins copyright battle

British singer Ed Sheeran has won a copyright battle over Shape of You. A judge ruled that he had not plagiarised Sami Chokri's song Oh Why‚ which spent 12 weeks on the Hot 100. Chokri had alleged that Shape of You had elements of her song‚ including the chorus and the Oh I hook. Ed Sheeran responded in a social media post‚ claiming that such claims were baseless. The lawsuit alleged that Ed Sheeran had copied the song and concealed its source. The High Court judge dismissed these accusations‚ ruling in Sheeran's favour. The judge pointed out that Ed Sheeran had no knowledge of the dispute before writing his hit song‚ and he was only in court to clear his name. The PS2.2 million in royalties was a sufficient commercial justification for making the declaration.