Emmerdales Amy Walsh issues update on ITV soap return as Tracy

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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Actress Amy Walsh has revealed that she has left the Emmerdales soap to take maternity leave and to have a baby. This is the first time that the actress has announced that she will be leaving the ITV soap and returning as Tracy in the future. The actress has also confirmed that she is expecting a baby girl with Toby-Alexander Smith. According to reports‚ Amy will be back as Tracy in the near future‚ but it is not yet confirmed when she will be returning. The actress has also spoken about her responsibilities as an actress on the ITV soap. She has said that she fears the storylines of the ITV soap could harm the baby and said that she was unsure whether the drama would be good for the baby. The Emmerdale actress revealed that she has been working with women who have gone through similar situations as Tracy. She explained that she feels a huge responsibility to tell it like it is‚ so she is unsure if she will be able to take this role. The actress has been in hospital for her mental health and has been taking therapy sessions. She has been diagnosed with PND and is undergoing treatment. She has also been offered a job in the city of Nottingham as a psychologist‚ but she is undecided whether she will accept the position. Despite the recent revelations‚ the actress has been keeping her head down and is currently not deciding if she will take the offer. Despite being pregnant‚ actress Amy Walsh has been away from the Emmerdale village for a while now. She has suffered from postnatal depression and has recently faced a difficult time with her new baby Frankie. She has now been offered a job in Nottingham and is undecided whether to take it. However‚ she is still working on her career as a psychologist. While the actress was in the village to give birth to the baby‚ she had to spend a lot of time away from the town in order to deal with the post-natal depression. Fortunately‚ the actress is now in a good place‚ thanks to her husband's generous gesture. The couple also share a house in the village‚ which is a huge bonus for the actors. The actress has a baby on the way. The actress has been battling with post-natal depression and has been struggling to cope with her new baby. She recently revealed that she had been pregnant with Frankie. She has also been suffering from infidelity after being left in the village. Meanwhile‚ she has been undergoing a series of therapy sessions. This has helped her to deal with the stress that came with the loss of a child. The actress‚ who has been a regular in the ITV soap since her debut in 2009‚ has recently given birth to a baby girl.

emmerdales amy walsh issues update on itv soap return as tracy
Image source : i2-prodli

She recently revealed that she will be leaving the village for good in the next few episodes. In addition‚ she will be dealing with post-natal depression and a new job in Nottingham. While she has yet to decide on whether she will stay on as Tracy‚ she is very keen to get back into the show. Aside from the baby‚ Amy Walsh has also addressed the pressure of a role in the ITV soap. She has said that she feared that the storylines on the show would affect the baby. In the meantime‚ she is focusing on her role on Loose Women‚ a programme that is set to return to the Emmerdales. But she has not said how she will deal with the challenges of returning to the show as Tracy‚ as she is worried about the return of Nate Robinson and the return of Vanessa. She also reflected on her responsibility to 'tell it right' on the soap. She explained that she has previously worked with many women who had gone through the same things as Tracy. She referred to notes she took during these meetings to explain her character on the ITV soap. She explained that she will continue to work on the role. It's possible that she may even become pregnant again.