EuroMillions Lottery winners scooped £184m with lucky dip ticket

Friday, May 20, 2022
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EuroMillions Lottery Winners Scoop 184m With Lucky Dip Ticket

Congratulations to Joe and Jess Thwaite‚ who have won PS184‚262‚899 with their Lucky Dip ticket! The couple‚ from Gloucester‚ England‚ have been married for 11 years. They have two children from a previous marriage‚ one in primary school and the other in university. They are planning their future and taking the publicity will give them peace of mind.

Joe and Jess Thwaite scooped a record-breaking PS184‚262‚899 with a lucky dip ticket

Gloucester residents Joe and Jess Thwaite have won a huge PS184‚262‚899 with snatching a lucky dip ticket. The couple‚ who live in Gloucester‚ are now richer than Adele and have two children. They told the local media that they are elated about the win and are looking forward to allowing their children to dream big. Joe‚ who works in the communications industry‚ said he had already left his job as a communications sales manager in order to take advantage of the windfall. The couple have already bought bedroom furniture and are undecided about where to live and what to do for holidays. They have considered moving to Hawaii or a ranch in Texas‚ but remain undecided about their future plans. They are also in awe of the PS184‚262‚899 they won - the previous lottery record was PS184‚262‚899‚ which was scooped by an anonymous ticket holder in October 2019.

Planning for the future

A couple from Gloucestershire is celebrating after scooping PS184m with a lucky dip ticket. It's the biggest lottery prize ever won in the UK and the couple's prize of PS184m is expected to go public on Thursday. Camelot‚ the organisation that organises UK lottery draws‚ has confirmed that the couple will talk to the press on Thursday. They will discuss how they found out they'd won and what they'll do with the cash. In a separate story‚ Joe and Jess Thwaite won PS184m in the third EuroMillions draw‚ which took place on October 11. The couple won a record-breaking PS184million after buying a lucky dip ticket. They bought a used van and a Volvo XC90. Mr Thomson said he was on the verge of a heart attack when he spotted the winning numbers. The EuroMillions Lottery winnings include PS184m for Joe and Jess Thwaite from Gloucestershire. The couple‚ who have been married for 11 years‚ have two children‚ one at university and the other at primary school. Jess and Joe Thwaite have now planned for their future by purchasing a house‚ a car and a holiday home. The EuroMillions jackpot is regularly topped PS100 million‚ with a total of 14 players winning a prize over PS100m. Another PS170m winner has remained anonymous but is planning for their future by purchasing a lucky dip ticket. The couple plan to use their money to help their children's education. However‚ they've already left their communications sales manager job.

Odd AND even numbers are more likely to win the lottery

You don't have to buy the same number combination every week to win the EuroMillions lottery. The more even numbers you pick‚ the better your chances of winning. However‚ this strategy may not work for you every time. You can try to learn from previous draws to make your selections more precise. Fortunately‚ there are some tips to help you improve your odds. Below are a few of them. Choosing odd AND even numbers is more common than picking the same numbers every time. Odd AND even numbers are the most common winning combinations in the EuroMillions lottery. In fact‚ 65.2% of all winning combinations contain even numbers. If you can avoid playing with all odd numbers‚ you can improve your odds. You can also use the Lucky Stars strategy to boost your winnings. A smart strategy is to pick a combination that contains an equal number of even and odd numbers. However‚ there are some common mistakes that people make that can affect their chances of winning. For example‚ picking 1-2-3-4-5 is not a good lotto line. Despite these tips‚ you should be careful when choosing a lottery number combination. In case you have doubts about the probability of winning‚ try the lottery's free demo version. Using lucky stars is a good idea if you have even numbers. The lucky stars can also increase your odds of winning the jackpot. This way‚ you can play more than one ticket in a single game. By selecting a combination of odd and even numbers‚ you can boost your winning chances. Once the jackpot is reached‚ the prize money will roll down to the next prize tier.