Evacuation orders issued as Sydneysiders urged to stay home amid

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Evacuation Orders Issued As Floodwaters Engulf Sydney

The NSW SES has issued Evacuation orders as flooding continues to engulf the city‚ forcing thousands of residents to evacuate their homes. Residents of Chipping North‚ Camden and Gronos Point were ordered to leave their homes by 10am on Sunday. Other areas of Sydney were also warned to move‚ including residents of Manly and the CBD. At least 100mm of rain fell on Sydney's CBD over the past 24 hours‚ with exceptionally sharp short bursts of rain. In the 24 hours before the Evacuation orders were issued‚ the SES reported 930 calls for assistance.

Commuters battle a tough run into work from Sydney's Northern Beaches

Major roads across Sydney's northern beaches have been inundated with floodwaters‚ with the Pittwater Road dubbed the Pittwater River by locals. The floodwaters have flooded large areas of Narrabeen‚ and daredevils were spotted wakeboarding and jet skiing through the stormwater. A vision from inside the M5 motorway showed cars driving through ankle-deep water. Meanwhile‚ the Illawarra Highway has been closed due to a landslip at Macquarie Pass. Heavy rains have drenched NSW‚ triggering Evacuation orders from southern and eastern suburbs. The rains have exceeded the normal rainfall for March in Sydney. As a result‚ residents have been told to evacuate to lower-lying areas such as Woronora. The order comes just as the region has had its wettest March on record‚ with 140mm expected to fall in six hours. Throughout the day‚ flooding has caused flooding in coastal NSW and is expected to worsen by the end of the week. Major flooding is expected at Milperra and Liverpool on Thursday afternoon. Emergency services are urging residents to stay indoors‚ but Sydney motorists have been urged to exercise extreme caution when driving through floodwater. Despite the rain‚ Sydney Trains have not experienced any problems in the morning commute. The NSW Parliament has already passed COVID-19‚ Restrictions on Gathering and Movement. It limited public gatherings to two people. It also directed people to stay in their homes‚ and listed 16 reasonable excuses. The law came into effect on midnight on the night of 31 March. However‚ the situation is still very dangerous as more rain is forecast. The NSW State Emergency Service has issued Evacuation orders for parts of Camden‚ Milperra‚ Chipping Norton‚ and Lansvale. These locations are currently experiencing moderate flooding. Other areas of Sydney have been ordered to evacuate. There are also flood warnings in the Tweed River and the Wilson River. This could be a major issue in the coming days.

Commuters battle a tough run into work from Manly's CBD

In a rare move‚ authorities have issued Evacuation orders in several parts of Sydney. A woman‚ 67‚ and her son‚ 34‚ have been found dead in western Sydney. The bodies were discovered earlier on Tuesday in a ditch. The floods in Sydney have killed at least eight people and left many homes and businesses underwater. In addition‚ a missing man from Queensland has been found dead. On Tuesday‚ a massive flood in New South Wales had inundated the northern beaches and suburbs. Flooding from the Roseville Bridge had also flooded the middle harbour. And residents in low-lying areas have been warned to leave their homes if they are able to. A second east coast low is moving in‚ bringing dangerous winds and dangerous surf conditions. The Manly Dam was also affected Thousands of people in Manly‚ NSW‚ are being urged to stay home‚ as a dam on the north shore threatens to spill. A heavy rainstorm has battered the city for 15 days. The Premier‚ Dominic Perrottet‚ has warned that an Evacuation order is imminent and has issued 59 Evacuation orders for the city's northern and western suburbs. The spilling of the Manly Dam will affect approximately 2‚000 homes and 800 other properties. Floodwaters continue to cause major road closures and road damage in some parts of Sydney. Road crews are currently on the ground assessing the damage but a further downpour may make repairs even more difficult or lead to closures at short notice. Meanwhile‚ motorists should avoid unnecessary travel and avoid driving through floodwaters. The Wakehurst Parkway is closed between Oxford Falls and Narrabeen. Additionally‚ the Illawarra Highway is closed at Macquarie Pass. And in the Royal National Park‚ Audrey Road has also been closed due to flooding. The storm brought down trees in Manly and nearby suburbs‚ bringing down power lines. The NSW SES responded to 680 calls for assistance and 25 flood rescues. But the storms were also dangerous and the state's Premier Dominic Perrotte has criticised the NSW government for its ineffective response to the situation. But the floods didn't stop the NSW SES from issuing Evacuation orders across the state. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning for heavy rain across Sydney today and tomorrow. More than 60‚000 people have been urged to stay home today as rain continues to fall. The rain will gradually diminish and skies will be clear on Wednesday. Winds will remain in the 30-40km/h range. As a result‚ it's advisable for people to stay home. Thousands of residents were evacuated in south-western Sydney on Monday night after heavy rain caused rivers to swell. The flood-prone region of Newbridge Road was closed due to 1.5 metres of water entering some homes. Angelo Testa and Oliver Bucha‚ two brothers from Chipping Norton‚ were reportedly steering a dinghy along a road. They were transporting supplies and equipment when the flooding hit‚ but were rescued by emergency services.

Commuters battle a tough run into work from the Northern Beaches

As flash flood warnings were issued for much of Sydney‚ authorities urged residents to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. The deluge soaked large areas of the northern beaches on Monday‚ triggering Evacuation orders across the region. As water levels rose‚ roads and bridges were closed and traffic was brought to a standstill‚ with residents worried about how deep the floodwaters would be. Floodwaters flooded a low-lying area in the northern beaches‚ with major roads such as Pittwater Road dubbed Pittwater River. Hundreds of people were stranded on the beach as a result. Trains were cancelled‚ with a large portion of Narrabeen evacuated. Waterlogged roads meant daredevils could be seen jet-skiing and wake-boarding through the stormwater. In Sydney's M5 motorway‚ visions of cars driving through ankle-deep water showed some flooding. Train lines were also affected at Campbelltown. Hundreds of schools were also closed across NSW‚ ranging from the far north to the south. Forecasters said the flooding situation was escalating rapidly in some areas‚ with as much as 50mm of rain expected in some areas in a single day. The flooding slowed down during the overnight period‚ and the state's tops were set to reach 24C. Still‚ forecasters warned that the risk of flooding was high and it would take many months for the rain to subside. A number of roads across the Northern Beaches were closed‚ with the Illawarra Highway at Macquarie Pass also shut down due to a landslip and Audrey Road in the Royal National Park being closed. In the CBD‚ Lawrence Hargrave Drive was closed in both directions‚ as was the Seacliff Bridge between Coalcliff and Clifton. And one man was lucky to be alive after a muddy creek near Epping. As the waters recede on the NSW coast‚ hundreds of homes and businesses were evacuated‚ with tens of thousands more expected to be evacuated as the Manly Dam spills over its banks. As of 3pm‚ the SES had clarified that the Evacuation order had been downgraded. However‚ the SES commissioner Carlene York warned that the conditions could continue to worsen through the night.