Experts say that Eu's plan to increase renewable energy in order to eliminate russian fossil fuels is a good idea to combat climate change

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Renewable Energy Sources Are Better For Our Planet's Climate Than Fossil Fuels

When you burn fossil fuels‚ you're releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the air‚ which contributes to global warming. This is why renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power are better for our planet's climate than fossil fuels. Not only do fossil fuels release carbon dioxide‚ but they also produce heat‚ which can be used to generate electricity and other forms of energy. Carbon dioxide emissions vary depending on the carbon and hydrogen content of the fuel. Natural gas‚ for example‚ produces a lot less CO2 than coal and other fossil fuels. Burning natural gas produces only half the CO2 produced when burning coal.

The European Commission is aiming to reduce Russia's import of fossil fuels. It will increase renewable energy production‚ efficiency and quality in order to do so. According to Bloomberg News‚ Experts believe that this move could be beneficial in the fight against climate change. The European Union's executive branch will recommend increasing its 2030 clean energy goal from 40% to 45% by May 18. It will also ask member states to reduce their energy consumption by 13%. This will be in addition to the current 9% reduction. These moves are part of an overall shift from fossil fuel dependence‚ according to Experts in European energy policy and international climate policy. The wind turbines are competing with the coal-fired power plant near Erkelenz in Germany. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images) It will benefit emissions and cost over the long-term‚ Ana Maria Jaller Makarewicz‚ an energy analyst for Europe at The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis told Yahoo News. This volatile market cannot be continued. Jaller-Makarewicz stated that Russia's invading Ukraine caused a price rise and has demonstrated to Europe just how volatile gas prices are. Jaller-Makarewicz‚ along with others‚ warned that Europe is not only trying to increase its clean energy ambitions‚ but it also plans to substitute Russian natural gas by liquefied natural gases (or LNG). From the United States of America and the Middle East. Because LNG is more carbon-intensive than traditional gas because of its energy requirements for transportation and liquefaction‚ it will reduce some of the benefits to climate change from clean energy and efficiency gains. Experts also point out that the EU is trying not to commit to long-term fossil fuel infrastructure or supplies to prevent them from attaining their goal to reduce carbon emissions sufficiently to stop catastrophic climate change. Reuters‚ for example‚ reported this week that Germany was having problems. Negotiating an agreement for the purchase of LNG from Qatar Qatar is seeking a minimum of 20-year commitment. Germany hopes to reduce its carbon emissions by 88% in 2040. It plans to eliminate the need for imported natural gas to heat and power within the next twenty years. Although the reality is better‚ it's mixed. Jake Schmidt‚ Senior Strategic Director for International Climate at Natural Resources Defense Council told Yahoo News. Although the EU has been trying to get off Russian gas quickly‚ it is not abandoning its climate goals. What they are trying to find is 'How can we create some short-term infrastructure for shifting our gas supplies'. They want to avoid locking them in infrastructure that will be detrimental to climate change over the long-term. Rosneft holds a majority of the German PCK refining plant. It processes crude oil from Russia through the Druzhba pipe. (Hannibal Hanschke/Getty Images) Schmidt stated that two European countries are doing it in this way: One‚ they're looking to build floating LNG import terminals off-shore‚ which are less permanent and more adaptable to being used to produce hydrogen. Schmidt stated that they clearly see the need to increase their efforts in the long-term and short term. A LNG import terminal can take between two and five years‚ much longer than building a new solar or wind farm. Oil and gas users around the globe are currently paying record high prices.

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The EU's energy transition plan‚ which will reduce emissions and take money from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war chest during a time of Russian invasion and threat to other European countries‚ is expected to save gas consumers money. Bloomberg reports that sources have estimated annual savings of 80 Billion Euros on gas‚ 12 Billion on oil‚ and 1.7Billion on coal. Skeptics might still be concerned that mandates for renewable energy will raise the cost of electricity. Both wind and solar power are available. Gas prices are becoming more competitive It is cheaper than coal but there have been some studies that show the benefits of renewable energy portfolio standards increase energy prices By requiring utilities to invest before existing coal- and gas-fired power stations are replaced‚ they can encourage new wind or solar installation. The high gasoline prices are a problem for consumers in the U.K.‚ as seen at this Shell station in Wales. (Matthew Horwood/Getty Images) Experts are positive that the EU's plans to increase renewables will be cheaper than imports of increasingly expensive fossil fuels due to falling prices. This is an important step towards completing the transition they are trying to achieve to eliminate fossil fuels. Pete Ogden from the United Nations Foundation was vice president for energy and climate at Yahoo News. The alternatives will become more attractive economically.


The global temperature is on the rise‚ and has been rising for many decades. Take a look at the data to see how climate change is occurring.