Fact Check: No, the document does not contain a pfizer warning about vaccines for breastfeeding women

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Is the Vaccine Safe For Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women?

Many questions surround the vaccination of pregnant and breastfeeding women. The FDA has released thousands of pages of safety documents on the vaccine. However‚ the latest document does not state that the vaccine is unsafe for either group. A recent social media campaign has raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine in both groups. In response‚ Pfizer has urged women to seek medical advice before undergoing the vaccination.

This is the claim: Pfizer-BioNTech claims that vaccine shouldn't be given to pregnant women or mothers who are breastfeeding.

The Food Drug Administration. Continues to release it reviews thousands upon thousands of pages of documents each month related to the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination.


 on Twitter and. Facebook pfizer warns that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not get vaccinated. One Canadian Facebook user reported that Pfizer had begun releasing court-ordered clinical trial data. A May 4 post The screenshot. The Covid mRNA vaccination is not recommended for pregnant women. It's not known if human milk contains covid mRNA. It is clear that our government pushed the vaccine on pregnant mothers. Wake up. These posts include a screenshot from an untitled‚ unsourced document‚ with many sentences highlighted in red. They state that vaccines should be avoided during pregnancy‚ and not used while breastfeeding‚ as it is unclear if COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNTI62b2 will pass into human milk. Contrary to social media claims‚ however‚ the FDA documents that the FDA has not released yet do not contain the content of the posted document. Pfizer also did not write it. USA TODAY was informed by USA TODAY that the quoted document was issued in December 2020 by UK's drug regulatory agency. This was before significant data on vaccine safety and efficacy for breastfeeding and pregnant women was made available. It is not stated that women who are pregnant or nursing are at risk in the updated regulation. Follow us on Facebook!  follow our page for updates every day about our latest debunks USA TODAY reached users who commented on the claim. A Clalit Health Services health worker gives a dose to a pregnant lady at Tel Aviv's Mediterranean coast city‚ Tel Aviv.

The UK government has updated the document is 2020 guideline

Social media posts used an uncontextual photo from a United Kingdom information sheet for healthcare professionals. Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Distributed when the vaccine approval was made in late 2020. A archived copy of Regulation 174 It is identical to the document in the screenshot. As UK Fact-checking Outlet‚ this version was released in December 2020. Full Fact reported. The guideline has since been updatedThis update is based on data from safety studies and reviews that were conducted within the past year. A spokesperson from the U.K. regulatory body stated that there are no signs the vaccine could be unsafe for pregnant women or nursing mothers. In England and Scotland over 104‚000 pregnancies have had at least one dose COVID-19 vaccination. No concerns have been expressed about the safety of these vaccines‚ Laura Kennedy‚ spokesperson‚ wrote in an email May 18. The extensive international data relating to the vaccinations' rollout in other countries supports this conclusion. Fact check: no evidence pfizer moderna covid-19 vaccines cause miscarriage Although the UK recommends that pregnant women consult their doctor if they have questions regarding the vaccination‚ vaccines are safe. Mothers-to-be and nursing newborns  as USA TODAY has reported. Both the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists and the society for maternal-fetal medicine we recommend COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant women. ACOG recommends vaccination for pregnant women because of evidence from tens or thousands of individuals who have reported it. We also know that COVID-19 infection can cause severe complications in pregnant women. Dr. J. Martin Tucker In a statement‚ he was the then-president. July 2021 press release. Fact check: covid-19 vaccinations do not cause reactions in nursing infants Pfizers study on vaccine safety and efficacy for pregnant women it is currently ongoing. The second phase of the three-phase plan is expected to be complete in August 2022.

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We believe that the claims made by Pfizer BioNTech that the vaccine shouldn't be administered to pregnant women or nursing mothers is false based on our research. Pfizer did not write the document in this post. This guideline was created by the United Kingdom's Drug Regulation Agency in December 2020. It was before significant data on vaccine safety and efficacy for breastfeeding and pregnant women was made available. The vaccine has been proven safe by worldwide use and studies‚ according to experts.

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