Farmers sues the vw for climate change. German court doubts

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Volkswagen and Climate Change Claims Denied in German Court

In a German court‚ a farmer is claiming that the Volkswagen company is to blame for the damage caused by emissions and climate change to his family's farm. The farmer is trying to hold the automaker liable for climate change‚ but the court has expressed doubts about his case. He is now waiting for additional written evidence. The environmental group Greenpeace is also backing the farmer. Greenpeace's lawyer Roda Verheyen said that the court's decision may help Allhoff-Cramer's case.

BERLIN (AP)‚ -- Friday's doubts were raised by Germany's court regarding claims that Volkswagen‚ an automaker‚ is partially responsible for global warming impacts on a German family farm. Ulf Allhoff–Cramer claims that climate change is causing drier soils and heavy rains to damage his crops‚ cattle‚ and commercial forests. He said that farmers are being affected by climate change faster than they expected. This was despite VW's status as the second largest automaker in the world contributing to this problem. The German news agency dpa said that during the initial hearing‚ a court of Detmold requested further information from the plaintiff and his attorneys to support their legal arguments. Also‚ the presiding judge asked whether plaintiff had already sustained climate-related damage or is simply anticipating them. The next hearing was scheduled for September 9. Greenpeace supports the case and has supported similar efforts to hold Germany's government and companies accountable for climate change. These cases met with mixed results. While some of these cases were dismissed‚ one was brought to the attention of Germany's highest court. It ordered that government be removed from office last year. It should intensify its efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Allhoff-Cramer's complaint calls for VW to cease production of engines by 2030. German automakers Last year‚ environmental groups rejected similar demands. Volkswagen stated in a statement it intends to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions as fast as possible‚ but set a deadline of 2050 to do so. Net-zero. Volkswagen supports climate protection and the rapid decarbonization and modernization of transport‚ however‚ it cannot do this alone. The company stated that government regulations‚ technological advancement‚ and customer behavior are all important factors in the success of these transformations. According to the company‚ lawmakers must decide about climate change policies. VW stated that civil lawsuits brought against companies targeted for litigation aren't the right place and the best way to accomplish this responsibility. This position will be defended and we ask that the lawsuit is dismissed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency detected that Volkswagen had used software to allow diesel cars to pass emission tests‚ and turned off polluting controls while driving. They apologized. Tens of Billions of Dollars paid In fines‚ recall fees and compensation for car owners ___ Follow APs Climate coverage http://apnewscom/hub/climate