Fear not the recount! Vote check in Pennsylvania does not mean you will lose your vote

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Three Possible Scenarios for a Recount in the Pennsylvania Senate Race

If you're looking for an accurate count of the votes cast in the Pennsylvania Senate race‚ here are three possible scenarios: Mehmet Oz‚ David McCormick‚ and Jessica Huseman. Each candidate was declared the winner in the last election‚ but there is a possibility that the numbers may not be accurate. In that case‚ a recount could lead to the emergence of new candidates.

Experts say that the Pennsylvania Republican Senate Race is headed towards a recount. However‚ the result of the recount does not change once all votes have been cast. This is like checking your math work... just use the exact same ballots to ensure you get the same result. Jessica Huseman is the editorial director of at. Votebeat the non-profit news agency focusing on election and voting. Huseman stated that recounts are almost always insignificant and do not alter the election results. He called them quality checks. Pennsylvania has not yet received final results for its Republican primary for a U.S. Senate Seat‚ so a recount seems likely. On Friday‚ Mehmet Oz‚ a TV star and doctor‚ led David McCormick. He is an Army vet and former CEO of a hedge fund. Just over 1‚000 votes out of more than 13 million ballots were cast David McCormick‚ Mehmet Oz. Photo illustration by Yahoo News. Photos: Keith Srakocic/AP. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images. There are several reasons that all votes may not have been counted. Allegheny County was the second-largest in Pennsylvania‚ and McCormick's hometown had just over 1000 votes still not counted. Because of the following: human error this can sometimes happen in elections administration. It delayed reporting results. 31 precincts out of 1‚323. Two-thirds are precincts

The other three remained unresolved. The majority of this problem is due to election workers not taking one of the two memory sticks from the voting machines prior to sealing them. It will also take several days to remove and recover those memory sticks‚ CBS News reports. There are also.

These votes have been taken from only a handful of polling stations in and around Philadelphia. These votes are not usually decisive but they might be in a tight contest. A worker from the Mercer County Elections Board‚ Mercer (Pa.) counts the ballots during Wednesday's Pennsylvania primary election. (Keith Srakocic/AP) You can also get around 2‚000 provisional votes.

Of military ballots. And then there are those that are currently being counted. Pennsylvania law prohibits the quick counting of mail ballots. This is because election workers are forbidden from preparing ballots to be counted until Election Day. Both left-leaning and right-leaning advocates and voting experts have called on Pennsylvania Republicans to address this issue with the state's law. This problem dates back to prior to 2020. The GOP-controlled Legislature and the then-President Donald Trump used the mail ballot counting after the election to assert that there were problems with the results. This claim was not supported by any evidence. Whatever the results of the ballots‚ it is likely that the margin of victory in Oz's favor or McCormick's favor will trigger an automatic recount.

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Pennsylvania law requires automatic recounts for any result with less than half of a percentage point. Oz has a lead of about one-tenth. Thad Hall‚ the Director of Elections for Mercer County uses an optical scanner on Wednesday to count votes. (Keith Srakocic/AP) The Pennsylvania secretary of State must request a recount within two weeks after the election. This would take place on May 26‚ 2012. The recount would be ordered by the secretary of state by Thursday‚ May 26‚ and must take place by Tuesday‚ June 7. It would take place on the third Wednesday after the election‚ and it would need to be completed by Tuesday‚ June 7. These recounts are very rare. There were 31 state recounts of 5‚778 general elections held between 2000-2019. Reported FairVote‚ a nonpartisan election reform group. Three of the 31 recounts resulted in an altered outcome in a state race: U.S. Senate‚ Minnesota‚ 2006‚ and Vermont auditor‚ 2006. Governor in Washington was 2004. The Pennsylvania result could be so close‚ that only a few ballots which were not counted correctly or missed would alter the result in a recount. Huseman stated that even if it did‚ the outcome would not necessarily be final. It would be decided in court.