Federal charges against former candidate for Florida governor

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Andrew Gillum is the Presumptive Democratic Nominee for Florida Governor

The Florida Democratic primary for Governor is underway‚ and Andrew Gillum is the presumptive Democratic nominee. But he faces a stiff challenge in winning the state. Donald Trump has already attacked Gillum. And while it's still early to call the race‚ Gillum's campaign has been enjoying a surge of support in recent days. His campaign spent about $4 million in Florida‚ less than his competitors‚ and raised more than $6 million. Among other things‚ he relied on financing from George Soros‚ Tom Steyer‚ and Collective PAC‚ an organization dedicated to electing African-Americans.

TALLAHASSEE (Fla.) -- Andrew Gillum is the Democratic nominee to be Florida's governor in 2018. He faces 21 Federal charges for a scheme to solicit donations and channel a part of those funds back to Gillum through third parties. This was announced Wednesday by the U.S. Attorneys Office. Gillum (42)‚ and Janet Lettman–Hicks (53) are facing 19 charges of wire fraud. Gillum was also accused of making false statements in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the U.S. Attorneys Office‚ the two conspired in wire fraud by illegally soliciting funds from different entities and individuals. They made false promises that they would use the money for legitimate purposes and offered fraudulent promises. According to a release from the office‚ Lettman-Hicks used her company to fraudly transfer money to Gillum through payroll payments. This case isn't legal. It is politically motivated. My career has been filled with standing up for Floridaans and speaking truth to power. Since I was elected mayor of Tallahassee‚ there has been an enemy on my back. Gillum stated that they found nothing and that he has full faith in his legal team to prove his innocence. Gillum was mayor during the campaign and met undercover FBI agents pretending to be developers. According to indictment‚ his associates tried to solicit donations from agents and offered ways of providing money that didn't list them as political contributions. They even suggested paying for dinner. Gillums asked the agents to donate $100‚000. They said that the money could go to a private firm to protect their identities in campaign finance documents. According to indictment‚ the agents stated that they wanted favorable consideration for development projects. According to indictment‚ Gillum was also met by the agents in New York City. They paid for Gillum's hotel‚ food‚ drink and tickets to Hamilton. Gillum was later interviewed by other FBI agents and they asked him if he knew of any undercover agents. Gillum stated that he had never received or asked anything from developers and that he stopped communicating with them when they attempted to connect contributions to their projects. This is Gillum's latest problem after he lost to Republican Governor. Ron DeSantis was elected in a race which required a recount. Gillum was 32‚464 votes shy of winning out of 8.2 million votes cast. Gillum was the mayor of Tallahassee prior to running for governor. Amazing political observers‚ Gillum won against more well-funded candidates in a packed Democratic primary with 34.4% percent of the vote. He won the support of many hardcore Democratic activists with his charismatic personality and led a solid grassroots campaign. After his defeat‚ Gillum was seen as an emerging star in Democratic politics. He was later hired by CNN as an analyst. In March 2020 Gillum‚ who was intoxicated‚ became unconscious and fell asleep in a hotel with two other men. One of them is a male escort. He entered rehabilitation and was later interviewed on television.