Fernando Tatis Jr. Addresses Motorcycle Accidents During Offseason

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
author picture Noah Rousseau
Video/image source : youtube, sicom/im
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During his offseason press conference‚ Padres manager Bob Melvin expressed his hope that Tatis' motorcycle days are over. A few months ago‚ the Padres signed Tatis to a 13-year‚ $340 million contract. In 2021‚ Tatis hit 42 home runs‚ drove in 99 runs‚ and stole 25 bases. Although he is the best player on the Padres‚ his offseason press conference provided insight into the potential impact his off-season activities can have on his career. When asked about the motorcycle accident‚ Tatis replied‚ which one? When pressed for specific details‚ he remained vague‚ saying‚ The one that happened last week‚ the one I was in last year. The Padres are unlikely to recoup the salary he signed with them‚ so they were not able to determine whether the motorcycle crash was a direct cause of the injuries. He initially said he would undergo surgery to repair a fractured wrist‚ but then added that the injury was a minor scrape and that he wouldn't require surgery. The Mets' belief is that Tatis had minor injuries. They didn't mention the wrist injury in their press conference‚ but they did say the sprain was a dislocation. Although the Mets did not mention the accident‚ they did say they would go to the Dominican Republic to check on Tatis. However‚ this was not the case. Regardless of how minor the injury‚ Tatis remains in a wheelchair for three months.