First Buccaneers free agent domino falls after Tom Brady news

Monday, March 14, 2022
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The announcement that Tom Brady will return to the Patriots sends a ripple effect through the Buccaneers' free agent market. The team was in the market for a new quarterback‚ but the fact that Brady is returning will make it easier to sign other free agents. It could also result in the re-signing of free agents like Rob Gronkowski. In addition to Gronkowski‚ the Buccaneers have also signed wide receiver Chris Godwin. While most players would have tested the free agency market after retiring‚ some of the Brady players who had played under the former Patriots star would have returned to the team now. That means that many players who were in line for free agents may re-sign with the Buccaneers. Among those players is Rob Gronkowski‚ The GOAT's big partner. But Gronkowski hasn't yet made a decision on his future‚ so it's not too early to speak to him. The second free agent domino fell after Brady's news broke.

first buccaneers free agent domino falls after tom brady news
Image source : imagesspo

The Buccaneers signed Mike Jensen to a three-year deal‚ which will keep him in the team's organization until 2022. Another player who landed with the Buccaneers was center Ryan Jensen. Despite the fact that the Buccaneers don't have a huge cap space‚ the team took a team-friendly approach with the quarterback.