For both the Celtics and Bucks, no need to change things up ahead

Saturday, May 7, 2022
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For the Bucks and Celtics‚ No Need to Make Major Changes ahead of Game 3

For both the Bucks and Celtics‚ no need to make major changes ahead of Game 3 of the series. However‚ it is still crucial to incorporate kicking and driving into the team's game plan. Both of these play styles create open looks for teammates and help create offense. But which team should play which type of offense? Let's take a closer look at both teams' line-ups in Game 3.

Game 3

The Celtics are expected to move the ball well enough to collapse the Milwaukee Bucks' defense‚ but the big question is whether they can hit threes on a parquet floor. If that's the case‚ the Celtics will need to limit the number of threes made by the Bucks. They need to limit the number of threes they take‚ and they must guard the rim. The Celtics need to play hard the entire 48 minutes in Game 3. The Bucks are capable of catching up to the Celtics quickly if they don't play hard. That's why the Celtics need to be aggressive and find mismatches for Antetokounmpo. The Bucks can't get to him by relying on the hero ball and iso play after iso play. For both the Celtics and Bucks‚ no need to change things up ahead of Game 3. During the regular season‚ both teams led the NBA in opponent three-point attempts. The Bucks are content to let their opponents chuck shots from the outside. They can take away the paint‚ but Boston will need to make sure their defense can stop it. This can be a tough task for either team‚ but the Celtics are expected to defend the paint‚ allowing Milwaukee to shoot from deep. The Celtics' offense had a difficult time shooting from deep against the Bucks. Milwaukee was able to take advantage of that and shot 50 percent from three‚ which accounted for their lone three-pointer attempt. The Celtics were able to hit only two of three threes in the fourth quarter‚ but the team couldn't hold on to that lead.

Key matchups

Both teams are playing against superstars this week‚ and neither team is looking to make drastic changes. Boston's strong defensive performance against Kevin Durant vs. the Rockets will give the Bucks pause‚ but Giannis presents different challenges. Both have length‚ and Boston was able to contain Durant for the majority of the sweep. The Celtics should be able to impact Giannis' offense without the help of Middleton‚ who is likely to be out of the lineup. Boston will probably play a lineup that focuses on their guards‚ but the Bucks will most likely play small. They will play centers Tatum and Smart against the Celtics' wings‚ and they will need a balanced attack to be effective against them. For Milwaukee‚ they will try to play small‚ which should benefit the team's bench. However‚ it would be better for Boston if they play small. Both teams are trying to figure out what kind of offense works for them. While the Celtics have a strong interior defense‚ the Bucks must develop their offensive game by limiting Boston's perimeter shots. With that in mind‚ the Bucks must work on improving their ball placement and limiting Antetokounmpo's outside shooting. And they will have to work on limiting the Celtics' three-point shooting.


The Celtics' main defensive concern against the Bucks is defending Antetokounmpo's three-point shot‚ but Boston has done an excellent job containing the Bucks. Once the Celtics stopped doubling Antetokounmpo‚ Milwaukee role players were getting open looks in the paint. Without Antetokounmpo‚ Milwaukee's non-Stars are shooting a dismal 32.6% without him. Both teams have holes. Neither has a superstar who can put up big numbers‚ so they'll likely be forced to rely on their bench to produce. The Boston Celtics‚ meanwhile‚ have a veteran frontcourt that can corral Holiday and Allen. However‚ both teams have a good system and have few scary players outside of Giannis. If neither team can score enough points‚ it will be a long series for the Bucks. If the Celtics do win‚ there is no reason to change the lineup. The lineup for Game 1 will consist of five bigs‚ a power forward and two guards. The Bucks' lineup is a bit strange in that they feature five big men (Jason Tatum‚ Al Horford and Marcus Smart) and only three forwards. Obviously‚ there are no outside shooters to make the Celtics competitive‚ but that does not mean they should change their lineup. The Celtics' big three are still a very strong matchup for the Bucks. In the opening game‚ both teams struggled to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo in the paint‚ as he shot just two-of-eight shots from deep. Both teams have to improve their shooting efficiency when Antetokounmpo is not on the court.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Boston Celtics will likely do everything possible to limit Giannis Antetokounmpa's impact on offense. The Bucks have also made containing Antetokounmpo an interior focus. Boston has multiple versatile‚ physical defenders who will likely be asked to guard Antetokounmpo inside. If they can't contain Antetokounmpo‚ the Celtics may have to rethink their strategy and try to find another way to limit Antetokounmpo's impact. The Celtics and Bucks both have plenty of depth around Giannis Antetokounmppo. Boston was able to contain Antetokounmpo against the Brooklyn Nets during the first round‚ but the Bucks could not double him. Giannis Antetokounmpo shot 9-25 from the field and picked up 12 assists. Boston couldn't double Antetokounmpo and had to settle for a three-pointer that wasn't close to the basket. While Antetokounmpo's shooting has improved‚ Boston's defense has made it hard for the Bucks to get a clean look at Giannis Antetokounmpa. Boston's defense was limiting other Bucks players to open looks‚ which may have forced Antetokounmpo to try to compensate for the lack of secondary scoring. While Antetokounmpo may be a questionable starter tonight‚ Boston's defense held him in check and the Bucks only scored 89 points. The Celtics' offense had to switch things up quickly. They'll most likely have to start making more three-point shots when they have open space. In order to compete in the NBA Finals‚ Boston needs to find a way to change their offensive approach quickly.

Kevin Durant

Having played against the Bucks in the second round last season‚ Durant has a special affinity for the Boston Celtics organization. He even modeled his game after Larry Bird. They eventually met and Durant eviscerated the Bucks. The two have a special bond‚ and neither team is likely to change things up ahead of time. However‚ if the Celtics win this series‚ they will have a clear advantage. It may be premature to expect Kevin Durant to sign a contract with Boston‚ but the team has the length and depth to match the Bucks' needs. While they have Jabari Parker‚ Greivis Vasquez‚ Michael Carter-Williams‚ and Greg Monroe‚ they need an established floor general. The Celtics will also need to look for a center to complement Durant's offensive repertoire. Neither team is likely to abandon their switch-everything scheme. Instead‚ they will scramble to match the best defenders on their opposing stars. They will try to force one-on-one basketball against Kevin Durant and Irving. Help defenders with long arms will swarm in the gaps‚ and try to force the two superstars into contested jumpers. Both players have won games with contested jumpers and are a dangerous force in the playoffs. After a long absence due to injury‚ Kevin Durant will return to his old self and lead both teams' first-round matchup. With the addition of Brown and Tatum‚ the Celtics should lead in the series. They are a better team overall‚ and with Kevin Durant‚ they'll be even more formidable. So‚ what's your take on the Bucks and Celtics?

Robert Williams

The Celtics would like to avoid the chaos that comes with a second-round series against the Bucks by using a veteran starter in their starting lineup. But that's not possible if their starters are out of shape. With the series starting on Sunday‚ there's plenty of time for Terry Williams to return to full strength. If he's out of the lineup‚ it would likely affect the rest of the team. The Celtics are likely to start with three bigs - White‚ Brown‚ and Antetokounmpo - in a super-sized lineup. This would put two big men on Williams and Horford as the primary defenders for both big men. Then the Celtics could play a smaller lineup that features a smaller starting five to protect their perimeter scorers. A meniscus tear in the left knee isn't an immediate concern. A meniscus tear can be treated by surgery. The Boston Celtics are confident that Robert Williams will be back in four to six weeks. That would put him in the middle of the second round‚ where he could make an impact on the Bucks' game. A full recovery timetable is unknown‚ but it's a positive sign for the Bucks and Celtics. If both teams are healthy and able to play their best‚ they shouldn't have to worry about making mistakes. Both teams have proven that they're capable of overcoming their weaknesses. A healthy Williams is the best way to win a playoff series. The Boston Celtics are still in the playoffs. If they can beat the Milwaukee Bucks‚ they will be the favorites.