For the first time, airlines have stopped using face masks for two years. Here are some things travelers should know

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Face Masks No Longer Required on Airplanes

After an uproar over the mandatory wearing of masks on planes‚ airlines like American Airlines and Alaska are allowing banned guests to reapply. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said on Wednesday that it will no longer enforce the federal mask mandate‚ and the company will instead encourage passengers to consult with the airline or destination before booking. However‚ the new policy will not apply to passengers who were previously banned for wearing masks.

The mask mandate for airplanes doesn't seem to be applicable. Extra two weeks after all. United‚ American Southwest‚ Delta and Alaska Airlines announced late Monday that they would no longer require face masks. This was in response to a Federal Judges decision. Ruling in Florida The White House's response. The mask mandate the January 2021 announcement had stated that the agreement would expire on Monday. Last week‚ the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they would continue to maintain it until May 3‚ to give more time for study. BA.2 omicron subvariant The coronavirus is the main cause of most cases in this country. It was the fifth extension of the mask mandate despite numerous requests by airlines and travel industry representatives to relax restrictions. Court ruling accelerated the timeline and barred any appeals. Passenger boarded late Monday flights without masks for nearly two years. Before the government‚ airlines required masks. JetBlue Airways The move was first announced by the airline‚ with other carriers quickly following suit. Two years later‚ airlines who pressed for the end of the mandate are now rushing to repeal the requirement. ABOARD ONE OFF THE LAST MASKED FIGHTS this is how passengers and crew discovered that masks were not necessary

Are you required to wear masks when flying?

A face-by-airline review of policies regarding masks as at Tuesday April 19th. These policies can vary from one airline to the next and may be subject to changes. As U.S. airlines make changes to their regulations‚ this list will be revised. ►.American Airlines: Customers and employees will not need to wear face masks at U.S. domestic airports or on their own flights. Face masks might still be necessary depending on the local ordinances or to travel to/from certain locations in international destinations based upon country requirements. The airline stated this in an advisory. statement. Customers and employees may continue wearing masks as they wish‚ in keeping with our promise to create a warm environment for all who travel with us. ►Delta Air Lines: Passenger masks will be removed from U.S. airways and planes immediately. If they wish‚ Delta customers and employees can continue to wear masks. Delta stated in an announcement that because of the surprise nature of this announcement customers and employees at airlines as well federal employees (such TSA) may receive this information at various times. Statement. As this information is spread more widely‚ you may encounter inconsistent enforcement over the next 24-hours. Be patient with those who might not know that enforcement is no longer necessary. Customers and signage at airports and announcements will all be updated with the information that masking is no longer required. This may not happen immediately. ►United Airlines: Masks no longer need to be worn at United for domestic and international flights. This is dependent on the mask requirements of each destination country. This means our staff are not required to wear a face mask - nor do they have to enforce a requirement to use a mask for all flying passengers - but they can still wear masks if necessary‚ since the CDC recommends that people wear masks on public transportation‚ the airline stated in a statement. In the unlikely event that the situation changes‚ we will keep you informed. ►Southwest Airlines: Passengers and workers can choose to be covered with a mask immediately. We are aware that there may be many opinions about this subject. Therefore‚ we ask you to respect the decisions of others and show hospitality. Southwests senior vice-president of operations and hospitality Steve Goldberg said late Monday in an email to employees. The memo stated that we will keep an eye on developments. Let's focus our efforts to maintain a safe operation‚ show hospitality to one another and customers. ►Alaska Airlines: In the United States‚ masks are not required in airports or onboard aircraft. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not enforcing the mask mandate. However‚ individual airports may need to relax their mask requirements. Statement. We recommend that guests follow local port guidelines when travelling. This includes wearing masks if required. Masks must be worn on all flights to Canada. ►JetBlue Airways: Masks will not be required at airport terminals and on planes immediately. Employees won't make any announcements regarding the enforcement of the mandate to wear masks. The airline sent a memo to its employees stating that customers can still wear the jackets if they wish. The memo stated that customers may find it confusing to be exempted from the mandatory mask requirement. Due to the change's immediate effect‚ customers may still see a requirement for a mask on our website or other materials. These notices will be removed immediately. We are also prepared to restore them‚ if needed. ►Frontier Airlines: Passenger and employee passengers are now exempted from wearing masks when flying on Frontier. Mask requirements for international travel are dependent upon the regulations of each country. Today's Florida federal court ruling that the mask mandate of the Biden administration is illegal has resulted in the removal of the mandate while it is being reviewed. The airline released a Monday statement stating that masks may be required by individual municipalities and airports. Customers and employees should still adhere to any rules regarding mask use. ►Spirit Airlines: Passenger and crew members can wear face masks on their flights. The airline stated that it was aware of the wishes of some passengers to keep their face covered on flight. This is allowed under our optional policy. Please ensure that you check the requirements of each country before your international travels. ►Allegiant AirlinesPassenger and employee masks will not be allowed to be worn. The airline stated that if the guidance changes‚ they will change our policy. Employees and passengers still have the right to use masks at airports or on planes if they wish. ►Hawaiian Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines employees and guests can now opt for face masks. Travelers are advised to be aware of any mask restrictions that might still apply at their departure or arrival airports.

Your patience is appreciated as we make changes to our announcements and communications. ►Sun Country Airlines: Sun Country flight attendants and passengers may wear masks‚ however they no longer are required. Your smiles are a welcome sight. We encourage kindness and respect to those who keep their masks onboard.

Thank you to your guests for covering up. ►Avelo Airlines: Customers and crew members no longer require masks You can still wear your jacket if you feel more at ease. The

For any other questions‚ please contact us by dm. ►Breeze Airways: Breeze flight attendants and guests no longer need to wear masks. Be kind to others and respect their choices. Remember that you can still fly on Breeze wearing a mask if necessary. Airline posted on its website. Contributing: Eve Chen Original publication: USA TODAY are you still using masks for plane travel? here are the details for each airline