Former Alabama DT Jarran Reed signs with Green Bay Packers

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
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In a deal with the NFL‚ Former Alabama DT Jarran Reed has signed with the Green Bay Packers on a one-year contract. The team was seeking an upgrade on their defensive line and added veteran presence in the secondary. The former All-American played one season with the Kansas City Chiefs‚ logging 713 defensive snaps. The team is now set to sign Reed for a 2019-2020 season. Former Alabama DT Jarran Reed has signed with the Green Bay Packers‚ the team announced Wednesday. He is expected to start at defensive tackle in 2022 and project as the backup to Dean Lowry. The Packers continue to prioritize the defense this offseason. While retaining De'Vondre Campbell and extending Preston Smith‚ they are also looking into the free agent market to add a veteran presence to their defensive line. The Packers are looking for a defensive tackle with some edge rush ability to play the edge. They will be getting an upgrade on the interior. A rangy DT can make the defense stout and force opposing offenses to make mistakes. The Packers are a strong team on defense‚ but they need a strong inside presence on the line of scrimmage. The Packers are going to need a strong inside linebacker. The Packers have made a good decision in signing Jarran Reed. The two-time Pro Bowler has started every game and has been a workhorse for his entire career. Last season‚ he recorded 88 tackles and 17 sacks‚ and now projects to be the backup next to Lowry. The Packers have made the right move as they are adding an interior presence to their defense. The former Alabama DT signed with the Packers on Tuesday. He tweeted: GoPackGo! and tweeted: He tweeted: 'GoPackGo' on Tuesday. Previously‚ he played for the Kansas City Chiefs and had 2 1/2 sacks and a fumble recovery last season. He spent his first five seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. Despite his storied career‚ the signing has immediate appeal. The former Alabama DT has been in the NFL for seven years. He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks as the 49th overall pick in 2016. After playing for the Chiefs and Kansas City‚ Reed has spent his last two seasons with the Packers. During his time with the Packers‚ he's averaged 21.5 sacks and a fumble recovery. During that time‚ he has made some impressive contributions on the defensive line and has been a fan favorite. The Packers have drafted Jarran Reed in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He has spent five seasons with the Seahawks‚ and he's been a solid starter for both teams. His signing with the Packers will give the team some much-needed interior presence‚ a position he won't have been able to have with the Seahawks. The deal is a one-year deal. A former Alabama DT‚ Jarran Reed had a great offseason with the Chiefs. His two sacks in 2018 and 2020 were the highest in his career. He had three seasons with the Seahawks and two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. His 24+ career sacks included a fumble recovery. Currently‚ he has a contract that runs through 2022. The Packers signed the Alabama DT on a one-year deal with the team in May. The new deal will last for two seasons. The new deal will pay him $27 million. His salary is expected to be $1 million per year‚ but the Packers can still afford to keep him for another year. With a contract that runs through 2022‚ the former Alabama DT will enter his seventh NFL season. The move comes after Reed completed a free agent visit to the Packers. He will join the team in July and will make his first NFL start in the fall. The two-year deal will allow him to develop his skills and get ready for the NFL. The move will be a great fit for the Packers. However‚ it will be a major adjustment for him to adjust to his new environment.