Former F1 boss Max Mosley shot himself after terminal cancer

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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On 23 May 2018‚ former F1 boss Max Mosley shot himself in the head and left a note saying 'I have no choice'. The British racing legend had just been diagnosed with inoperable B-cell lymphoma and was receiving palliative care. After his death‚ police found his body in his bedroom with a gunshot wound. In his apartment‚ doctors found a note nailed to his bedside table‚ with significant wounds consistent with a gunshot wound. After learning he had a limited lifespan‚ former F1 boss Max Mosley shot himself in the head. Despite his debilitating pain‚ the former F1 boss had only just begun receiving palliative care for his condition. On the night before his death‚ he had contacted his personal assistant to inform her that he had chosen to end his life. He was unable to be persuaded to stop‚ and had already formed a settled intention to commit suicide. After a final dinner with his wife‚ the police found his body. According to the coroner‚ Max Mosley was diagnosed with lymphoma in May 2018 and was receiving palliative care when he took his life. During his last visit to his doctor‚ he was informed that he had just a few weeks left to live. During that time‚ he was also in great pain‚ and his personal assistant was unable to persuade him to change his mind. After the note was found‚ police found him dead in his bed. A coroner has determined that Max Mosley intended to commit suicide after he was given weeks to live. His doctors had told him he would have to undergo palliative care‚ as his illness was terminal. The Coroner's Office said that he shared his suicide plans and left a note behind. The coroner noted that he was dead in his bed‚ with significant injuries. He had written a suicide note and was living with considerable pain when he took the deadly action. Initially diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma two years prior‚ Mr. Mosley went on to study physics at Oxford University and trained as a lawyer‚ specializing in patent and trademark law. During his time in Formula One‚ he was involved in the sport's early stages for Lotus and Brabham and he retired from the sport in 1969. Although he was diagnosed with the disease two years before he killed himself‚ the Coroner's Office was unable to determine a cause of death‚ as he was not aware of the cause of death. His suicide was not a surprise.

former f1 boss max mosley shot himself after terminal cancer
Image source : i2-prodda

He had been diagnosed with lymphoma a year before his death‚ and he had been told that his life expectancy was limited by the pain he was experiencing. He also wrote a suicide note that had instructions for the coroner to follow. Ultimately‚ Mosley did not live long enough to get the treatment he needed. But he was a strong and admired man‚ and his death is still a tragedy. It is not clear why he shot himself‚ but it could be a tragic accident. The F1 manager's condition was so serious that he did not want anyone to know about it. His suicide note - a brief letter that reads: Do not enter‚ call the police! - reads: A death certificate was read in the case. It was a letter to a friend‚ who was his personal assistant. A coroner found that Mosley intended to kill himself when he made a suicide note. The coroner said he did not intend to kill himself‚ but that he had shared his plans with his family members. A letter from his mother read: 'I have no other choice'. The note is almost indistinguishable - and is inscribed 'I had no other option'.