Former nurse found guilty in accidental injection death of 75-year

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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A former ICU nurse is facing criminal charges for the fatal mishandling of a patient in 2017. RaDonda Vaught was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult for administering the wrong medication. She is facing three to six years in prison for the neglect charge and one to two years for the negligent homicide charge. The trial is set to begin on May 13. The trial focused on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the actions of Vaught‚ a 75-year-old woman. The mistake happened on December 20‚ 2017 during an MRI. Murphey was already recovering from her injuries and was being prepared for discharge. But the nurse mistakenly injected her patient with the wrong drug - vecuronium‚ a sedative. The drug likely stopped Murphey from breathing. The case raised concerns about the safety of vecuronium and the role of nurses in preventing such tragedies. The trial centered around Vaught's decision to inject Murphey with vecuronium‚ a drug used in anesthesia. Vecuronium is an irritant that slowed the heart rate‚ caused the patient's brain to swell and eventually lead to death. The nurse pleaded guilty to reckless homicide‚ but has not yet decided whether to appeal. She faces a sentence of three to six years for negligently administering anesthesia and one to two years for criminally negligent homicide. She will remain free on bail until sentencing. While the medical community raised concerns about the death of the 75-year-old patient‚ prosecutors defended Vaught's actions as an isolated incident and not a warning to other medical professionals. The trial was not a broader slap on the medical profession‚ and Vaught has not yet made a decision. She faces sentences of three to six years for criminally negligent homicide and can appeal the verdict. In October 2017‚ the nurse was accused of criminally negligently injecting the patient with vecuronium. The drug was supposed to be a sedative and killed the patient. But‚ the nursing error was not an isolated incident. The nurse‚ RaDonda Vaught‚ was found guilty of two counts of negligence. Her defense argued that the conviction does not punish her or the hospital. The case against RaDonda Vaught involves a case of reckless homicide and a criminally negligent homicide charge. The former Vanderbilt University nurse accidentally injected Charlene Murphey with vecuronium‚ an anesthesia drug‚ and she is now accused of reckless homicide. The death was not an isolated incident. The vecuronium was not the only substance Vaught had on her person. While it is disappointing to hear about the death of a 75-year-old patient‚ it is important to remember that this case is an isolated case. The nurse in question was a former nurse and a forensic psychiatric technician. The prosecutors' legal team said that RaDonda Vaught was criminally liable for the accident‚ as well as criminally negligent homicide. The court found RaDonda Vaught guilty of criminally negligent homicide and gross negligence‚ while she will not face criminal charges. The conviction was made after the trial. The hospital has a strict policy for the treatment of patients and the nurses are not allowed to use the drugs for other purposes. Therefore‚ the hospital should not have allowed Vaught to administer any medications. A nurse should only administer medications that are strictly necessary. The trial lasted five days. It was very stressful for the victim's family‚ but it was an opportunity for the nurse to prove her innocence. After being found guilty of felony negligence‚ RaDonda Vaught faces several years in prison. The sentence imposed on her was a three to six-year prison term for reckless homicide and grossly negligent homicide. The judge has also found that the drug was not diluted in any way.