Fox News Correspondent Benjamin Hall Is Injured in Ukraine

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
author picture Isanes Francois
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On Monday‚ Fox News State Department correspondent Benjamin Hall was shot near Kyiv. The network's CEO‚ Suzanne Scott‚ asked viewers to keep Hall in their prayers. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby confirmed the reporter's injury. On Sunday‚ freelance journalist Brent Renaud was killed while covering the global refugee crisis in Ukraine. In a statement‚ the Pentagon said it is investigating the claim. A statement issued by the Fox News station says Hall has suffered injuries while covering the conflict in Ukraine. The injured correspondent has been reporting from the country for weeks. As the fighting continues to grow‚ Russian forces are advancing towards the capital of Kyiv. A statement issued by the network read on air details of Hall's condition. He has worked for the network since 2015 and is a state department correspondent. The news of Hall's injury came as a shock to the news media. The veteran war correspondent‚ who previously covered conflicts in Iraq‚ Libya‚ Syria‚ Somalia‚ Haiti‚ Egypt‚ and other countries‚ was on assignment in the Ukraine on Sunday. He also had three young daughters at home. His death has left many people in the United States and the rest of the world in shock.