From Rangeela to Dangal: 5 movies that define the method actor

Monday, March 14, 2022
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The 'Lagaan' controversy was the start of a slew of Aamir Khan movies‚ which have become cult classics. The evocative 'Rangeela' made headlines worldwide and was considered to be Aamir's best performance. The movie was India's official entry to the Academy Awards in 2002 and was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. The 'Rangeela' marked the first time Khan worked with Ram Gopal Varma in a film‚ and it featured Aamir as an orphaned street urchin‚ who finds love with his childhood friend Urmila Matondkar. The 'Dangal' biographical drama was Aamir Khan's first international success. He starred as an orphaned side road urchin‚ who fell in love with his daughter after discovering that she had a special talent for wrestling. While the movie itself was not particularly original‚ its message were universal and resonated with audiences around the world. From 'Rangeela' to 'Dangal'‚ Khan's style of acting has been defined by a number of films. The biographical romance 'Dangal' saw Khan play Mahavir Phogat‚ a father who abused his daughters.

from rangeela to dangal 5 movies that define the method actor dangal
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The film has been one of his most successful and celebrated films‚ and it is widely considered the most popular biographical Indian film. The 'Rangela' biographical sports drama was another one. In this film‚ Khan played a heavy-bellied father who understood the potential in his daughters.