Fundamentally broken Lakers a frog being boiled alive as all-time

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Fundamentally Broken Lakers Are a Frog Being Boile Alive As All Time

Have you noticed how the Los Angeles Lakers have lost seven straight games? Ever wonder why they've been unable to win back-to-back games since early January? It's not only Kobe Bryant's injury that's making it difficult for them to win‚ but also the fact that they haven't been able to develop any young players? Or are you simply looking for the cause of their mediocrity? Whether it is their injuries or the Covid-19 virus‚ the Lakers have been unable to compete at an elite level.

Los Angeles Lakers a frog being boiled alive as all time

If you have been following the NBA‚ you know that the Lakers have been in rebuilding mode for years. They had a trio of star players‚ but filled the rest of their roster with ageing bit-part players. While the top-heavy approach worked in the past‚ it ultimately backfired this year. The lack of defensive effort showed. Head coach Dave Vogel is likely to be fired‚ and Brendan Haywood called Lakers' general manager a sacrificial lamb. The team hasn't worked this year despite hiring a new coach. That said‚ the media has also failed to cover the situation. The Atlanta Journal‚ The Red and Black‚ and the Atlanta Constitution covered the game‚ and none of them mentioned the incident. Those three publications should have written about what happened instead of focusing on the incident. It's an unfortunate situation‚ but the Lakers are the team we have right now. It's time to change this.

Kobe Bryant's injury

There is no denying that Kobe Bryant's injury is one of the most glaring examples of how a player can Fundamentally break a team. However‚ the injury was far more serious than the usual ailments that plague an NBA star. While Kobe's health problems have been accumulating with every season‚ this latest setback is a depressing reminder that his career is merely a shell. The emergence of a new era in the NBA seems to have given Kobe a second chance. The season was no longer about Kobe. Instead‚ Kobe was joined by LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The regular season turned out to be a two-city cage match between the rudderless Lakers and the rising stars of the renaissance. The NBA was a showcase for two-way stars‚ and both cities prostrated before Silver and Stern. Win streaks‚ dominance‚ tanking‚ and personalities reflected the changing landscape in the NBA. This is a team with Fundamentally broken core problems. While they were a 70-win team last season‚ they were completely dismantled by the Spurs. Their defense was terrible‚ and their offense was mediocre. Kobe and Steve Blake were the only two players who consistently scored in double figures. The defense was poor and the Lakers were forced to rely on their backups. Ultimately‚ this wasn't good enough to compete against a top-tier team like the Spurs. However‚ the Lakers did win the playoffs‚ and they were able to beat the Spurs for the first time since the season began. If Kobe wasn't there‚ they wouldn't have had a chance. The Lakers aren't going to win the championship‚ but I think Despite the fact that the Lakers haven't been a top-tier team for several seasons‚ this season has been the best the franchise has had since the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship in 1996‚ and they have yet to win another championship. In fact‚ if this season's Lakers are to contend for another title‚ they must find a way to win a championship without Kobe Bryant. However‚ it's likely that the Lakers' problems began years ago and won't go away unless they smother Kobe Bryant with injuries.

Lack of young players

The Los Angeles Lakers have been missing the playoffs every year due to a lack of young talent‚ and Vogel has been hitting the same note for weeks. Since their Jan. 25 win‚ the Lakers are 7-21. Davis and LeBron James have each missed more games than they've played. They're 6-15 during that span. While they're still talented‚ the team's lack of youth is a concern. Despite their youth‚ the Lakers' roster has been filled with veteran part-time players. The top-heavy approach has come back to bite them. The lack of young players in the supporting cast has made it difficult for the Lakers to play defense. Haywood called head coach Dave Vogel a sacrificial lamb and said that the team couldn't win this season regardless of who they had as head coach. A trade for Russell Westbrook and firing Frank Vogel won't fix the Lakers' problems. But it won't improve the Lakers' chances of winning the NBA title in 2023. The Lakers are already limited by salary cap‚ lack young rotation players‚ and have tapped-out draft picks. And if they do make a trade‚ they'll be picking up a lottery pick. It's likely that the pick will go to the Pelicans‚ who finish a few games ahead of the Lakers in the West. While the lack of young players has contributed to the Lakers' struggles this season‚ it's not the only culprit. While Vogel is a good coach‚ the team's roster is Fundamentally flawed. It's time to look in the mirror to figure out where the problem lies‚ and then get rid of both Westbrook and Vogel and look for a new coach. There's no point in throwing good money at a broken team‚ so the Lakers need to find a way to fix it. The Lakers' roster is a mess of inconsistency and mismatches. Adding Westbrook and Jordan to the roster didn't fix this problem‚ so they should have looked elsewhere. But a trade for another superstar would have made the Lakers much more competitive. However‚ the Lakers need to focus on the fundamentals of the organization before attempting a rebuild. There's no way they could afford to keep a roster with no young players.

Blame larger institutions

Why is it acceptable to blame the Lakers' organizational failure on a much larger organization? A source familiar with the Lakers' inner workings told Get Up! that a major part of the blame lies with James and Pelinka. The former Laker and current head coach resisted multiple requests to speak publicly about his feelings toward the Lakers. The Lakers' recent struggles have fueled a debate about how much the NBA and other large institutions should be held responsible for a Fundamentally broken organization. The Lakers had a trio of superstars but filled the rest of their roster with bit-part players. The top-heavy approach eventually came back to bite them‚ and the lack of effort by the supporting cast was the most obvious sign of their age. Even head coach Dave Vogel admitted that the team was going nowhere this year‚ but he did not blame the head coach. Ultimately‚ the team's inability to make the playoffs was a catalyst for a major overhaul. This season‚ the Lakers have fallen far short of their expectations. The Lakers' struggles are the result of injuries to key players‚ and the Lakers can trace the roots of their problems back to last season's trade deadline. The Lakers desperately needed another shot creator to supplement LeBron and Anthony Davis. Ultimately‚ they settled for Kyle Lowry‚ a high-profile free agent. While Lowry is undoubtedly a part of the Lakers' problems‚ he's a significant part of the problem.