Game 5 P Warriors vs. Grizzlies - 5/11/22

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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Game 5 P Warriors Vs Grizzlies 5/11/22

The Grizzlies dominated the Warriors in the first quarter by strictly guarding their perimeter. As a result‚ they led 24-20 after one quarter. Warriors shot only 26% from outside‚ and Curry scored six points with two assists. Dillon added three assists and Jones added five. Despite the Grizzlies' aggressive defense‚ the Warriors' offense was unable to sustain its offensive flow.

Grizzlies have won five of their last six games against the spread

The Grizzlies finished the regular season with a record of 56-21‚ including a 12-4 record in their last 16 games. They split the season series against Minnesota and were thirty-nine percent winners at home. The Grizzlies are looking to win their first postseason series since 2015. Betting on the Grizzlies to cover the spread is an excellent idea‚ especially considering that they were a completely different team when playing on the road. Last season‚ the Grizzlies were a solid 21-10 ATS‚ but their road record has been a bit less impressive. Despite being the underdogs in this game‚ they have won five of their last six games against the spread. Against the spread‚ the Grizzlies were 14-21-1 at home and 20-14-1 on the road. While the Grizzlies are an underdog against the Golden State Warriors‚ they have been in great form at home. They have won five of their last six games against the spread‚ and they have a solid defense and can hit the three-point line. While the Warriors are a great team‚ the Grizzlies have an extremely difficult schedule‚ so it's crucial to look beyond the line. Despite missing star Ja Morant‚ the Memphis Grizzlies have a deep bench that can produce a high volume of points. Their offense is led by Dillon Brooks‚ who averages 114.4 points per game and is shooting at least 43.2 percent from three. The Grizzlies' bench is also strong‚ and Ja Morant‚ Tyus Jones‚ and Ziaire Williams will give the Grizzlies plenty of bench depth. They will also be able to win the game if they can get their starting five to shoot better than 50 percent. The Houston Rockets are riding a hot streak right now‚ but the Grizzlies have a great chance of bouncing back. They are a great road team‚ with a 20-11 record and a 13-4 record. You might even like to take a chance on them this week‚ but make sure you read about the team and its recent history before placing your bet. You may also want to look into their recent injury reports and matchup stats. While the Grizzlies have outperformed the expectations of Vegas this season‚ they've done so against a weaker opponent. They've won an impressive 63.9 percent of games against the spread and a record of sixty-one percent against the total. If you are looking for a solid game to bet on‚ consider the Grizzlies' recent success against good passing teams. They have a 25.6 assists per game against opponents.

Grizzlies have struggled to shoot the ball in Game 2

The Grizzlies have had trouble shooting the ball in Game 2. They went 4-for-20 in the first half‚ and their starting point guard‚ Dillon Brooks‚ shot 0-6. In addition‚ the Grizzlies' shooting defense forced them into one-shot possessions and forced several missed opportunities. Grayson Allen did not score in Game 1‚ but he had a good floor game with eight assists and four rebounds. In the second half‚ however‚ the Grizzlies sat back and let the Warriors' starters do the heavy lifting. The Grizzlies have been a team that has struggled to shoot the basketball this season. The team ranks 28th in 3-point percentage. As a team‚ the Grizzlies make 34.2 percent of their 3-point attempts‚ which is below league average. It is hard to win the NBA playoffs if you can't shoot the ball. However‚ Memphis has a big problem. While the Warriors have been very impressive at home this season‚ the Grizzlies have struggled shooting the ball in Game 2. The Grizzlies are a team that plays well on the road and were 2-0 in the first round in Minnesota. The Warriors‚ meanwhile‚ are 31-10 at home during the regular season‚ and 3-0 at Chase Center during the playoffs. The Warriors' fans are raucous‚ but they are still a team that should take advantage of the opportunity to play in their home court. Golden State leads the series 3-1. Game 3 will take place in San Francisco on Wednesday. Jaren Jackson scored 32 points for Golden State. The Grizzlies shot 41.7% while holding the Warriors to 40. Steven Adams and Tyus Jones started for Ja Morant and Xavier Tillman at center. Neither team is happy with their shooting‚ but they did make 21 of 24 free throws. Both teams have struggled shooting the ball in Game 2. Even James Harden‚ who had 36 points in Game 1‚ has struggled to find his rhythm. During the first quarter‚ both teams were called for a combined 20 fouls. Mitchell Ervin called 33 free throws‚ and the stoppages and replay reviews took the flow out of the game. The Grizzlies may struggle to shoot the ball in Game 3 to force a seventh game. While both teams have been unable to shoot the basketball‚ they did score in the paint. While Russell and Edwards were unable to get the ball down to the rim‚ they made enough shots to keep the game within reach. The Grizzlies' bench will be needed in Game 2. While Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins each finished with 14 points‚ the Grizzlies have struggled to shoot in the second half. They also have had a difficult time shooting the ball from deep. Even after the loss in Game 1‚ the Grizzlies showed that they can bounce back. Ja Morant‚ the All-Star point guard‚ had 34 points in Game 3 despite a right knee injury that forced him to leave the game in the fourth quarter.

Grizzlies have a better defense without Morant

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was listed as doubtful for Game 5 against the Golden State Warriors after leaving the game with a bone bruise in his right knee. The injury occurred during a sequence of play when Golden State guard Jordan Poole made contact with Morant's knee. While Memphis is hopeful that Morant will make a full recovery‚ the Warriors are now 2-1 in the series. Memphis' defense has improved when Morant isn't on the floor. The Grizzlies allowed fewer second-chance points and scored 112.1 points per 100 possessions without the star guard. The Grizzlies scored the same amount of points as the Heat despite being down nearly three points. This is a sign that they have improved in key situations‚ but the Grizzlies have yet to regain Morant's form. Even though the Grizzlies have been better without Morant in Game 4‚ the Warriors were still more likely to win if Morant is out. During the regular season‚ the Grizzlies went 20-5 without Morant. In March‚ the Grizzlies beat the Warriors without Stephen Curry‚ Draymond Green‚ and Klay Thompson. So‚ the Grizzlies should not fear losing a game without Morant. The team's defense can still be a major advantage over the Warriors. Despite Morant's absence‚ the Grizzlies had a better defense against the Timberwolves. They made it difficult for Minnesota to score against Memphis‚ and forced the Timberwolves to execute on every possession. Morant also forced Minnesota to turn the ball over more often‚ which caused turnovers. With the Grizzlies' improved defense‚ the Timberwolves' offense can now focus on defending Morant. In Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs‚ Memphis needs a win to extend their season and advance to the next round. Fortunately‚ the Grizzlies have a better defense without Ja Morant‚ and the Warriors' offense is better without him. As a result‚ Memphis is likely to rely on their young core and Jarren Jackson Jr. for the rest of the playoffs. Memphis Grizzlies are a team that plays good defense and offense. They are second in points per game and fourth in opponents' points off turnovers. They play physical and hard-nosed defense every night‚ and their young‚ hungry players complement each other well. Ja Morant has emerged as a great young leader and one of the brightest young superstars in the NBA. If Memphis can get Ja Morant back on the court‚ they will likely win the West and the NBA Playoffs. The Memphis Grizzlies won't have Ja Morant‚ but the Grizzlies have a better defensive team with Tyus Jones in the middle and Steven Adams at center. This could be crucial in Game 5. If the Grizzlies can beat Golden State‚ they'll take the series and advance to the next round. With a win‚ Memphis will face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals on Sunday.