GGG vs. Ryota Murata full fight video highlights

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Gennady Gennadyev Vs Ryota Murata Full Fight Video Highlights

If you're looking for the best video highlights of Gennadiy Gennadyev versus Ryota Murata‚ you've come to the right place. We have all been waiting for this fight to see what GGG is all about‚ and it's finally here! In this article‚ we'll take a look at GGG's previous fights against Ryota Murata‚ Kell Brook‚ and Nobuhiro Ishida‚ as well as their respective fights against Nobuhiro Ishida and a few other top fighters.

Gennadiy Gennadyev vs Ryota Murata

If you are a fan of boxing‚ you may have watched the Gennady Golovkin VS Ryota Murata full fight video highlight. The fight was a knockout‚ and Golovkin came out firing early. The Russian has the upper hand and is looking to finish the bout‚ but Murata is trying to keep up‚ and continues to throw low shots. As Murata continues to get battered‚ GGG has Murata on the ropes. The IBO‚ IBF‚ and WBA middleweight champions battled in Saitama‚ Japan‚ on April 9. The winner‚ Gennady GGG Golovkin‚ is the current middleweight unified champ. The winner is a worthy contender for the title. If you haven't watched this fight yet‚ be sure to catch it live on DAZN. The full fight video highlights are now available on the DAZN Boxing YouTube Channel. Gennady Golovkin will fight Ryota Murata for the WBA‚ IBO‚ and IBO middleweight titles. If you're looking for a full fight video‚ don't miss it! You'll love watching this Japanese rivalry. Golovkin is a two-weight champion. His last fight was against Kamil Szeremeta‚ and he was successful via corner retirement. Murata‚ on the other hand‚ fought Steven Butler in December 2017. The first round starts off with Golovkin landing his jab. Murata is responding with body shots‚ and it looks like Golovkin may be getting the upper hand. As the fight progresses‚ both men are putting pressure on the other. Murata is putting pressure on Golovkin‚ throwing body shots and hooks to the body. Neither man seems to be afraid of the other. If you are unable to view videos on this page‚ you can access them by using a VPN or by reporting broken links. The videos are provided by the users of this site‚ and the owner cannot be held responsible for their misuse. Please note that videos are provided by the user‚ and we have no control over their use. You are encouraged to share videos that show the action of your opponent or anyone else.

Gennadiy Gennadyev vs Kell Brook

Watch the full fight video highlights to see if Gennady Golovkin can stop Kell Brook. Golovkin lands combinations at will and has Brook backed into a corner. Brook rallies quickly and looks to land a power shot‚ but Golovkin is avoiding those. The right eye on Brook has gotten swollen and could cause him to wilt down the stretch. The first fight between these two heavyweights ended in a controversial draw. The judges found Gennady Gennadyev the winner‚ but Brook fought to win. The fight was a rematch clause for Khan. The referee stopped the fight prematurely‚ but a rematch clause is in place if both sides agree to it. The fight has been a long time coming‚ but it finally came to a conclusion. Brook stopped Khan in the sixth round of the fight. He's been a rival with Khan for almost two decades‚ but this is the first time the two have fought each other in the UK. The match was scheduled for the O2 Arena in London‚ and many expect Gennady Gennadyev to win. Spence‚ who was a member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic boxing team‚ fought in Brook's backyard to win a world title. The sold-out venue at Bramall Lane was hostile despite the world title. Spence‚ a southpaw‚ was effective with his jab and stance. Brook's left eye swelled during the fight.

Gennadiy Gennadyev vs Nobuhiro Ishida

Watch Gennady Golovkin versus Nobuhiro Ishida full-fight video highlights on Sunday Punch. The Ukrainian middleweight fighter was one of the main characters of Sunday Punch in 2013. At that time‚ he had just fought Nobuhiro Ishida in Monaco for a mandatory defense of his WBA secondary middleweight title. Nobuhiro Ishida was on a two-fight losing streak‚ having previously fought Paul Williams‚ Dmitry Pirog‚ and James Kirkland. Despite this‚ he had never been knocked out in his professional career. Gennady Golovkin is another heavyweight boxer with impressive highlights reels. He has a long history of knocking opponents out and is set to face another tough challenge this weekend in Monaco. Stevens' presence has riled a normally cool GGG and it's expected to be an all-out war for him.