Ghislaine Maxwells bid for new trial denied, judge rules

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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Ghislaine Maxwells lawyers sought a delay in the judge's decision on her bid for a new trial‚ arguing that the juror's lack of disclosure of a history of abuse compromised the fairness of the jury. The judge‚ Alison J. Nathan‚ denied the motion. Afterward‚ the New York Times published a series of articles about Maxwell. A federal judge has rejected Ghislaine Maxwell's bid for a new trial. The case was dismissed after she argued that the juror failed to mention that he had been sexually abused by a child during jury selection. While she did not mention her history of childhood sexual abuse to the jury‚ the juror told the court that he was distracted while answering a questionnaire. This‚ in the eyes of the judge‚ tainted the case against her. Judge Alison Nathan rejected Maxwell's bid for a new trial. The New York Times reports that Judge Nathan ruled against her‚ citing that a juror did not disclose a history of sexual abuse. While she did not mention her past history of child abuse‚ her defense lawyers have pointed out that she may have been the victim of a child molester herself. After hearing from both sides‚ the judge decided that the motion for a new trial should be granted. As the court's ruling makes clear‚ the judge has given the trial a second chance. But it will still be necessary to hold a new trial. The decision is not surprising‚ as both parties are guilty of the charges. The defendants were convicted in December. The verdict was a result of a jury that included a former sex offender‚ Jeffrey Epstein. As the judge explained in the ruling‚ it is not clear if she will grant the new trial. The jury's failure to disclose a history of sexual abuse was a key issue‚ and Maxwells attorneys had argued that this would help the prosecution. She also wants to avoid another trial. Despite this‚ the new trial is still expected on June 28. It is important to keep this in mind when seeking a new trial. A Manhattan federal court judge has denied the request for a new trial by Ghislaine Maxwell. Her lawyers argued that the juror's false pretrial answers justified the new trial. They said that the jury's verdict was a fair and impartial result‚ but the judge did not allow for her to get another chance to appeal the case. The re-trial will most likely go forward as scheduled. A federal judge denied the Ghislaine Maxwells' bid for a new trial‚ ruling that the juror who testified during the trial had made a mistake in his oath.

ghislaine maxwells bid for new trial denied judge rules
Image source : iguimco

The jury's error was due to the juror's failure to disclose his history of sexual abuse. In addition‚ the judge also said that the jury was unable to properly assess the sex of the girls who were abused by her. The decision is an important one for Ghislaine Maxwell. Her appeals were denied in January. The judge denied the motion after a jury failed to reveal that she had a history of childhood sexual abuse. Consequently‚ the case will now go forward in June. The U.S. District Court's decision will be reviewed by the appellate court and will be used as the basis for the sentencing hearing. The Manhattan federal court has rejected the Ghislaine Maxwells bid for a new trial. Its ruling was based on a juror's testimony at the hearing last month‚ and the judge said that a juror who did not disclose his history of sexual abuse was a qualified candidate for a new trial. It's not clear whether the appeals will lead to a retrial.