Global food insecurity has reached level 10

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Security Council Call to Action on Food Insecurity

This week's Security Council programme includes a ministerial call to action on food insecurity. It will also feature an open debate on the benefits and risks of technology in fighting food insecurity. The United States is hosting the event‚ which will be chaired by Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken. The United States is concerned that growing food insecurity will cause instability in fragile States.

U.S. U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield‚ United Nations Ambassador said Friday that food insecurity due to Russia-Ukraine Conflict has reached its highest point of alarm. On a scale from 1-10‚ I would say that I am at the level 10 alarm because of this current crisis‚ which has only exacerbated an already serious problem of food insecurity‚ Thomas-Greenfield. In an interview with bbc The U.S. has the highest consumer food prices They saw their largest increase in 12 months since 1981‚ with an 8.4%% drop in April. Thomas-Greenfield stated that while food insecurity was an issue prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2018‚ it has become a major problem since then. She said that Russia's aggression against Ukraine and its blocking of ports has made this worse and prevented Ukrainian wheat from reaching the markets. Ambassador discussed solutions to food insecurity worldwide. He stated that we must keep pressure on Russia to stop this war against Ukraine and to allow Ukraine to return to contributing to the global food market. Thomas-Greenfield said that we encourage other countries to not place export restrictions on food from their country. Just recently‚ the U.S. gave Ukraine $44 million. A large part of this money went towards humanitarian aid. Thomas-Greenfield stressed that Russia is the best option when ending the crisis of hunger. Russia is blocking food because of the facts‚ she stated. Their agricultural products are not subject to sanctions. They have been attacking Ukrainian silos‚ and preventing farmers from starting to plant. Russia is now in control of this blockade and can export the food they restrict. Thomas-Greenfield said: In the interim‚ while we continue to put pressure on Russia we will increase humanitarian funding and our in-kind food funding. We encourage others to do so to maintain food markets and agriculture markets open. The Hill has the most recent news and video.