Golovkin vs Murata LIVE! Boxing fight stream, result, latest news

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Gennady Golovkin vs Ryota Murata LIVE Boxing Match Result and Latest News

Gennady 'GG' Golovkin will defend his WBO and IBF middleweight titles in a 12-round clash in Japan on Saturday. The 30-year-old will be looking to improve on his previous record‚ as he defeated Kamil Szeremeta in Florida in December. In the meantime‚ Murata is a former world amateur champion who has won gold at the 2012 London Olympics. He is expected to fight Canelo Alvarez in the same division later this year.

Gennady Golovkin vs Ryota Murata

Watch Gennady Golovkin versus Ryota Murata live boxing match result and latest boxing news. The middleweight bout is expected to last at least eight rounds and feature a rematch between the two heavyweight champions. Golovkin is the heavy favorite‚ but Murata will be tough to beat. Murata is a Japanese lightweight and has a hefty record‚ and Golovkin is the heavier‚ more experienced fighter. Golovkin starts out on the defensive‚ but not to worry‚ he is doing it with heavy left hooks that have Murata gasping. Murata has been getting gassed by GGG‚ but he's trying to fight back. The Japanese fighter has retreated to the corner‚ but Murata is still doing his best to stay on top and avoid GGG's heavy blows. The first round starts off slowly for Golovkin‚ but he continues to land uppercuts and left hands. Golovkin is dropping Murata with a right hand in the ninth round. Murata's corner threw in the towel while the Japanese fighter was still down. In the sixth round‚ Golovkin knocked out Murata's mouthpiece and continued to monitor Murata's body language. Gennady Golovkin won the title in the ninth round. The former champion is 40 years old and has spent 16 months out of the ring. Ryota Murata is past his prime‚ and Golovkin has had to deal with spells before. In this fight‚ Murata is likely to be a far less experienced fighter. The two fighters are trading body shots early in the fight‚ with Golovkin landing a jab and a right hook. Murata tries to counter with body shots‚ but GGG is throwing body shots and getting rugged. Murata also tries to press during the fight and is getting pushed around by the Japanese. Golovkin has to win this fight to get a third fight with Canelo Alvarez. The fight lasted longer than expected. Golovkin's fans are likely to be upset‚ and Murata's fans may have lost faith in him. But Golovkin did praise Murata's bravery. The Kazakh heavyweight dominated from the sixth round onwards. His heavy right hand dropped Murata in the ninth round. The fight is scheduled for twelve rounds. The winner of this fight will be crowned the WBA and IBF middleweight champions. Golovkin will be able to avenge two previous poor scorecards. Golovkin's opponent Ryota Murata has been linked to a third fight with Canelo Alvarez. The two fought in 2017 for the Ring magazine and the WBA lineal middleweight title. The winner will take home the world middleweight title.

Gennady 'GG' Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez fight result

The fight was highly competitive from the beginning. Golovkin landed a strong right hand and connected with a combination in the first round. Canelo answered with a hard right hand and a counter-punch to the body. As the fight continued‚ both fighters traded blows‚ with the former landing more often. The round ended with both fighters locking on to each other's heads. In the final two minutes‚ GGG dominated the fight. Although it was a split draw‚ the two boxers had a good rivalry and both have claimed to have won their fights. Canelo Alvarez's first bout with Golovkin ended in a split draw. Canelo was suspended for three months following a failed drug test and returned to defeat Golovkin in October. The fight was ruled a split draw on two judges' scorecards. Although the Gennady 'GG' vs Canelo Alvarrez fight result is highly anticipated‚ the fighters will likely face each other in the future‚ a year after the last battle. The Mexican has a strong resume and holds two middleweight belts. Golovkin is expected to face Canelo Alvarez in September of this year. However‚ he is also expected to fight Dmitry Bivol in the interim until the rematch is confirmed. The second round of the 'Super Middleweight' division saw Golovkin come out with a stronger game plan. He landed several hard jabs and continued to use his jab as he pressed Alvarez to the body. After taking several jabs‚ Golovkin landed a heavy right hand and a big hook. In the third round‚ Golovkin continues to push for the knockout‚ though Alvarez is showing a strong chin and is working well in the last rounds. The third round was the closest and most entertaining‚ with both fighters giving themselves an opportunity to win the round. Canelo Alvarez worked the body early in the round‚ but GGG continued to rely on his jab and was able to counter his attacks. Canelo Alvarez is favored to win‚ but it's a close fight. There are many variables involved in the Canelo-GGG III fight. Canelo Alvarez is more recognizable than Golovkin‚ but Canelo does not have the same brand recognition as Golovkin. Even casual boxing fans recognize the phrase Canelo-GGG and want to see the fight. Golovkin is up to his usual jab and continues to work the body well. After a body shot by Alvarez‚ Golovkin lands a one-two combo. Alvarez responds with a winging left hook and misses. The second round is a draw. Golovkin is up in the weight division and Alvarez is undefeated.