Grocery stores could face an international shortage of mustard

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Climate Change Affects the Production of Mustard Seed

Hot dogs with mustard and ketchup are a summertime staple in the US‚ but recent research shows that crop yields in Canada and France have dropped significantly. The climate change has lowered yields of chili peppers and Sriracha‚ two of the most important ingredients in mustard. But more troubling is the fact that climate change has negatively affected the production of mustard seed‚ one of the world's most popular foods.

Rachel Askinasi/Business Insider Hot dogs covered with mustard and ketchup are a common staple in the US‚ however this year it might be different. A particularly poor year of production has led to worries about a shortage in mustard. Canada‚. The second-largest mustard seed producer worldwide saw yields fall 28% in the latest growing season‚ thanks to droughts can occur throughout the year france's harvests suffered even more and fell by 50% in 2021 because of unfavorable weather conditions. The Guardian reported. Reine de Dijon‚ a major French mustard producer‚ blamed climate change for the low harvests. This is a crisis that we haven't experienced in 25 years. French sales director of the company said that prices for seeds have risen three to four times and possibly five times in the near future. France24 was informed by Christophe Planes Plus‚ supply is scarce. Also contributing to the shortage of mustard seeds is Russia's war with Ukraine. Each country is a major producer of mustard seeds. Importing them Because of disruptions in supply chains caused by war‚ it is impossible to make up the differences between Canada and France. Although mustard will likely still be available for purchase in the United States‚ prices could rise. Prices in France As a result‚ they are up to 10% and costs for transportation containers lids and other supplies they are increasing‚ which means that the final cost is even greater. It's not just mustard that is becoming harder to find. Huy Fong Foods Inc explained to customers in April that the problem was due to a serious shortage of chili. According to the company‚ it faced an unprecedented shortage in chili peppers due to droughts in Mexico where they were grown. Similar problems plagued restaurants last year as they struggled for individual packets of food. This shortage resulted mainly from supply chain problems and higher demand‚ as businesses shifted to. Have a great story about a restaurant or retail chain that you would like to share? Send an email to this [email protected] Read the original article on business insider