Habitat for Humanity receives transformational donation from

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
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A new gift from American author MacKenzie Scott will help further the mission of Habitat for Humanity‚ a global nonprofit that helps people build homes. The $25 million donation will be used to expand advocacy and programmatic efforts to improve affordable housing for low-income people. This money will also be used to promote racial equity in housing and increase Black homeownership. The new initiative‚ Sustaining America's Promise‚ will launch this summer. The generosity of a new donor is changing the face of the world's poorest communities. A $25 million donation from the MacKenzie Scott Foundation will transform the lives of people in impoverished communities. The donation will also provide resources to help Habitat affiliates in the United States build more affordable homes. As part of the donation‚ Habitat for Humanity will focus on advocacy efforts aimed at destroying systemic racism in the housing industry. The nonprofit will work with government agencies to pass legislation and policy proposals that will make it possible for more people to own affordable housing. The funds will also enable the organization to increase Black homeownership in the U.S. The donation will support programmatic and advocacy efforts to eliminate systemic racism in housing. The organization will also work with legislators to advance policies that will make affordable housing more accessible to low- and middle-income families. In addition‚ the new funds will empower people by providing loans and down-payment assistance. The money will also help Habitat expand its presence in cities around the world‚ such as Los Angeles. The $25 million will support both local Habitat affiliates and global Habitat for Humanity International. The money will support programs and advocacy aimed at addressing the housing crisis across the world and accelerating Black homeownership. The $25 million donation from Scott will help expand the organization's efforts to increase Black homeownership across the U.S. By leveraging the power of innovative capital investments‚ the donation will enable the Habitat organization to help more people reach the goal of owning a home. The donation will help Habitat affiliates across the U.S. expand their impact and accelerate their work to address systemic racism in the housing industry. It will also fund programs that will increase Black homeownership in the United States. In addition to advancing black homeownership‚ the donation will also support other initiatives that further the cause of affordable housing. It will also enhance the organization's capacity to advocate for policy and legislative changes to improve housing conditions for low-income families in need. The donation from the Scott family will benefit the organizations' local chapters throughout the U.S. and in other countries. The money will expand the efforts of local affiliates to increase Black homeownership and advance the goals of the organization. A total of $25 million is required to build one home. With this donation‚ the two charities will focus on advocacy and outreach for affordable housing. It will also focus on advancing the mission of Habitat. The new donation will help Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the U.S.‚ Canada‚ and the Caribbean. It will support their advocacy work and their programs that focus on affordable housing. The $25 million will also support new projects to empower communities of color and advance Black homeownership. It will also support the expansion of programmatic efforts to improve access to affordable housing. The organization will be using the donation to help build more homes in low-income areas. The new $25 million will be used by Habitat for Humanity International to expand advocacy and programmatic efforts to improve affordable housing. The new initiative will also help the organization increase Black homeownership in the U.S. It will leverage innovative capital investments to support the goals of building affordable homes for low-income families. The money will help build more affordable homes for people of color. The nonprofit will also increase its public awareness and profile among the American public. The $25 million donation from the Donor's trust will support local affiliates around the country to deliver affordable homes. The new funding will also expand its advocacy efforts and programmatic programs aimed at dismantling systemic racism in the housing industry. In addition‚ it will focus on advancing Black homeownership in the U.S.‚ accelerating the pace of development for people of color‚ and engaging new volunteers.