Hairy Bikers Si King gives update on pal Dave Myers as he appears

Thursday, May 12, 2022
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Hairy Bikers Star Si King Gives Update on Dave Myers

In a recent interview‚ Si King offered his fans an update on his pal Dave Myers‚ reassuring them that he is doing OK. Myers is currently suffering from cancer‚ glaucoma‚ and a brain aneurysm. The news broke recently‚ but Si King was quick to point out that Myers remains 'tough as an old boot' and that he continues to be positive.

Si King reassures fans that co-star Dave Myers is doing okay

Hairy Bikers co-star Si King is offering a reassuring update to fans of his friend‚ Dave Myers. The actor recently revealed that he is undergoing chemotherapy to fight cancer. Si King‚ who is a regular on the show‚ appeared on This Morning on Friday to prepare a delicious chicken and spinach curry for the cast and guests. While Si King admitted that she is sad to have to do all the cooking‚ she was happy to share that Myers is doing fine. In addition to cancer‚ Dave Myers has been diagnosed with glaucoma‚ which can cause blindness. Dave was previously open about his health issues‚ including a brain aneurysm and a cyst on his brain. While he dismissed these diagnoses as the result of a bad hangover‚ his condition is not as unrelated to the show's subject as he claims. Dave's diagnosis was revealed in a recent interview with BBC radio host Si King. Si reassures fans that Dave is undergoing treatment and that he is positive. Despite the difficult news‚ Dave is also recovering from his divorce and recently married his wife Lily. He met Lily while filming The Hairy Bikers in Romania. Dave has not yet revealed the type of cancer he has‚ but she says it's a big deal for her family. While Si King hasn't shared details about what he has been through‚ his co-star Dave Myers is not far from being back in the spotlight. He has recently appeared on BBC's Hairy Bikers Go North‚ highlighting local produce and cooking the perfect Christmas dinner. As the news about Dave's cancer diagnosis continues to spread‚ Si King reassures fans that his co-star is doing well.

Myers has glaucoma

Si King has given a heartwarming update on her friend Dave Myers as she makes an appearance on the popular comedy series. Dave was recently diagnosed with glaucoma‚ a condition that can lead to blindness. In spite of this‚ he has remained positive. He even married his girlfriend Lily‚ whom he met while filming the show in Romania. Earlier this week‚ Si King offered an update on her friend Dave Myers‚ who recently revealed he was fighting cancer. The cancer-stricken actor is undergoing chemotherapy. He recently asked fans to keep his privacy and respect his health‚ so that he can focus on recovery. In the meantime‚ she whipped up a chicken and spinach curry to show fans how much she's missing her pal and reassured the audience. Dave Myers recently revealed he is undergoing cancer treatment‚ and Si King gave an update about his condition. On The This Morning‚ Si King talked about Dave's treatment and his positive attitude. He also said that the cancer treatment is keeping Dave focussed on his recovery. If you're a fan of Si King‚ don't miss his interview on This Morning - don't miss this chance to show your support for the hairy biker.

He has a brain aneurysm

One of Si's closest friends‚ Dave Myers‚ is currently undergoing treatment for a rare cancer. He recently received a COVID test. His pal Si has been tweeting updates of his progress as he recovers from the disease. Si recently appeared on Hairy Bikers while Dave recovers from COVID. Si's friend and co-star Alan Titchmarsh has also tweeted to wish Dave a speedy recovery. Si King has recently revealed that his pal‚ Hairy Bikers chef Dave Myers‚ is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. The news broke last week‚ and Si King appeared on This Morning to give fans an update on Dave's condition. Si revealed that his pal remains optimistic and focused on his treatment. He said: I know what's going on in his world. I'm missing him.

He has cancer

Hairy Bikers star Si King gave an update on the condition of his pal Dave Myers on the show. Si revealed that Dave was not feeling too well after his battle with Covid. However‚ he is optimistic and focused on the course of treatment. On the show‚ Si also revealed that he has decided to focus on his character in the new series‚ Go North. Si King gave an update on his pal Dave Myers on This Morning‚ where he reacted to fans' concerns about the cancer diagnosis. Si King revealed that Dave is undergoing chemotherapy and that he is staying positive. During the interview‚ the actor said that he misses Myers but wants to stay strong while undergoing treatment. Dave is currently in hospital‚ receiving chemotherapy.