Hank Williams Jr.s wife, Mary Jane Thomas, dead

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Hollywood actor Hank Williams Jr.'s wife has passed away. Earlier this week‚ she was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed. She was married to the country singer for more than 30 years. They met in 1985 and got married on July 2‚ 1990 in Missoula‚ Montana. The couple had two children: Samuel Williams‚ a country singer‚ and Katie‚ a former model. Thomas was a model and a former model for Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion. She was married to the country singer in 1990. The singer and his wife were married 30 years ago in Washington State. Her son Sam and daughter Katie Williams-Dunning were born after the marriage. Their son Sam Williams claimed they were under conservatorship when the accident occurred‚ but later denied it. Their daughters were not allowed to visit their parents‚ and they were not allowed to visit them. Despite her star status‚ Mary Jane Thomas remained relatively out of the spotlight after the couple got married. She rarely appeared on posts on social media and only attended Hank Jr.'s Hall of Fame induction in 2021. The couple had two children together: Sam Williams-Dunning‚ a singer-songwriter‚ and Katie‚ who passed away in a car accident in 2020. Her daughter Katie Williams-Dunning‚ who had been ill for a few weeks‚ died shortly after her death. The 61-year-old singer married the former Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion model in 1990. They have been married since 1990 and had two children. Samantha‚ aged nine‚ and Katherine‚ aged six‚ were born in the couple's second marriage. Their son Samuel‚ who was a country music star‚ released his debut album last August. The family has not confirmed her death‚ but it's still a mystery and a tragedy. While her husband's fame and fortune made her a household name‚ his wife Mary Jane Thomas was a private person who led a more private life. She was the grandmother to three children‚ and the couple celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary in July 2021. As well as the country star‚ the actress and husband also shared a deep connection and were deeply in love. It's unclear exactly why Mary Jane Thomas had a breakdown of health in July‚ but a number of other details are still available. Her death has shocked fans and the country music community. She had previously been married to a Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion model named Sam. They were married in 1990. During her first concert in Washington‚ the couple met. The two were later married and had two children‚ Tyler Dunning‚ and Katie. They divorced in 2007‚ but reconciled after a year. The deceased's son‚ Sam‚ was under a conservatorship at the time of her death. While Hank Williams Jr.

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Is a well-known figure in the country music community‚ his wife‚ Mary Jane Thomas‚ was less famous. She was a'model' and worked for companies like Hawaiian Tropic Lotion. She and her husband met in Washington State in 1985 and married in 1990 in Missoula‚ Montana. In 2017‚ the couple announced their divorce plans‚ but reconciled in 2007 and attended Williams Jr.'s Hall of Fame induction in November. The singer's wife‚ Mary Jane Thomas‚ died in a car accident in Florida on February 15‚ 2020. According to a report‚ the two were married on February 1‚ 1990‚ and were together until the end of his life in June. She reportedly had two children with Hank. She was married to Tyler Dunning‚ a'model' and claimed to be a conservatorship. However‚ she had not been married long before she died. In an interview with ABC News‚ the singer said her daughter was dead after a car accident. The actress had previously said that her son had been placed in a conservatorship‚ but the video later added that he was never told of this. The singer said that her sons had been placed in conservatorship by his parents. Sadly‚ Mary Jane died unexpectedly. The aforementioned incident occurred in a Florida car accident on March 22.