Happy heavenly birthday – The Fergusons mark Shonas birthday

Sunday, May 1, 2022
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The Fergusons Mark Shona's Birthday

On the occasion of Shona's birthday‚ her parents Connie and Aaron Arthur Ferguson have shared sweet memories of her life. Connie wrote on Instagram: Happy heavenly birthday‚ dear Shona. Alicia Ferguson also expressed happiness for her mother‚ wishing her a heavenly birthday. Shona passed away in July of last year. A birthday message is a very special way to honor a loved one.

Aaron Arthur Ferguson

'Uncle Sho'‚ 'Mr. Sho'‚ 'Shona Babe' - these were some of the names attributed to Aaron Arthur Ferguson‚ a famous South African actor‚ director and producer. Born in Gaborone‚ Botswana‚ on 30 April 1974‚ Aaron's family was royal. His parents were Christians‚ and he embraced God's Word with deep conviction. Shona‚ his wife‚ completed her senior secondary education in Maseru‚ Lesotho. In 2007‚ Shona married actor and producer Constance Masilo. The two began working together‚ and Ferguson got a role on the Venda soap opera‚ Muvhango. His second movie‚ 'Muvhango'‚ saw him play the role of Dr. Lebua. Shona continues to work in the movie industry‚ and her daughter Lesedi has become a producer. She's active on Instagram and has no phone number. 'Shona' was a beloved and passionate husband and father. He was dedicated to his family‚ and treated others with warmth and empathy. He was an inspirational role model‚ and many others admired him for his exemplary character. Shona also loved motorcycling‚ music and fitness. In addition to his beloved wife‚ Shona leaves behind his mother‚ sister and brother. In a fitting tribute‚ Ferguson's husband posted a picture of himself on Instagram to mark Shona's birthday. On her Facebook page‚ Connie also posted videos of Shona. While the family continues to deal with the tragedy‚ she remains in the forefront of their thoughts and prayers. Aaron Arthur Ferguson marks Shona's birthday with love and affection‚ and she remains in the hearts of fans. And so‚ it's no wonder that her family is celebrating the actress's 48th birthday. They're doing it as a way to show their love and support for Shona.

Shona Ferguson

Connie Ferguson has paid tribute to her late husband‚ Shona‚ on the occasion of her 48th birthday. She shared some heartfelt posts with her Facebook fans and industry friends‚ and she also shared videos of her beloved husband with fans. As part of the tribute‚ she also shared some of her wedding photos and videos. Shona‚ a beloved South African TV personality‚ died from complications caused by the drug Covid-19. Her death has left a void in many lives. Regardless of whether the person was rich or poor‚ Shona's death has shattered the Mzansi community. In his last moments‚ he shared his death date with his family. Fans have been sending love and comfort to Aunt Shona‚ and many have told her that Uncle Sho has found a better place. Surely‚ he is now enjoying happiness. In recent years‚ Ferguson and her wife Connie Ferguson have been in the spotlight. Both have been married for almost two decades‚ and have been famous for their music and movies. Their recent holiday in Dubai was a #BodyGoals celebration. They have been adorning themselves with custom-made Shona Ferguson instagram chains‚ and posting beautiful photos. Their photos on Instagram have racked up over 1 million views.

Connie Ferguson

Mzanzi power couple‚ Shona Ferguson and Connie Fergusson‚ have marked Lesedi Matsunyane's birthday on social media. Shona Ferguson posted a message on her Twitter account to celebrate Lesedi's birthday. In the same tweet‚ Connie expressed her affection for her stepdaughter. They both congratulated Lesedi and her life choices. While on the set of the Queen TV show‚ Shona's gaze did not leave the actress. Shona has been married to Connie for almost two decades and is the first person to wish Connie happy birthday. She never hesitated to share pictures and videos of Shona with her followers on her timeline. But despite this‚ Connie was always the one to give her a birthday gift. While Shona was a TV entrepreneur‚ his passion for the arts led him to become a successful film producer. Ferguson Films‚ his production company‚ launched in 2010 and has grown to be one of the biggest film companies in South Africa. In fact‚ many who initially derided the film company have come to respect it. But while many people have criticized Ferguson's career decisions‚ many others have admired the couple's achievements.

Shona's first birthday

In the summer of 2002‚ the world celebrated the first birthday of Shona Ferguson. She was born on the seventh of June and will turn nineteen in 2021. The star was married to Connie Ferguson in 2001. She has one daughter‚ Alicia Angel Ferguson. Shona started her career as a club DJ in Lesotho and was no stranger to the media. She even produced a six-part Netflix series called Kings of Joburg. In 1997‚ Connie and Shona met while dropping off a friend of her sister Lorato's. Connie offered Shona a drink and the two fell in love. Their relationship developed over the next few months‚ and they were married in a traditional ceremony. Shona and Connie have two daughters together: Lesedi‚ who is Connie's first child with her ex-husband Neo‚ and Alicia‚ who was born after a previous relationship between the two. The couple's love for one another was so strong that they were able to conceive a child together. After leaving his day job‚ Shona worked as a club DJ in Lesotho and Botswana‚ where he worked as a businessman. She then went on to star in M-Net drama The Wild‚ where she played Itumeleng Tladi. Since then‚ Shona Ferguson has continued to work as an actress and movie producer. She has a Twitter account‚ but she hasn't provided an email address or phone number.

Shona's heavenly birthday

Shona Ferguson would have turned 48 on July 17 this year‚ and her daughter‚ Alicia Ferguson‚ has wished her heavenly birthday on Instagram. The departed journalist left behind her loving wife Connie Ferguson‚ father Peter Harry Ferguson‚ two daughters‚ and a grandchild‚ Ronewa. Although she is no longer with us‚ her legacy is still alive‚ and her legacy lives on in the minds of many. Connie Ferguson‚ a veteran actress and businesswoman in South Africa‚ lost her husband Shona Ferguson last year. The former 'NCIS' star was diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus and was hospitalized for three weeks. She succumbed to complications arising from the illness‚ at the age of 47. The couple were married for 20 years. Their anniversary was supposed to be on November last year‚ but she passed away nine months later. Connie Ferguson‚ a mother of two daughters‚ has shared several videos of her deceased spouse and a heartfelt tribute to her beloved daughter. Connie Ferguson‚ who has been mourning her husband since his death‚ has broken her silence on the topic. Many people have shared their condolences on Facebook. Connie's fans and colleagues have shared messages of encouragement. Fans and industry colleagues have also shared pictures of the couple's wedding. However‚ Connie Ferguson has yet to publicly share a picture of Shona and Connie together. They are still in mourning but their love and devotion are eternal.

Connie Ferguson's tribute to her husband

Recently‚ Connie Ferguson relived the anniversary of her husband's passing by paying a heartfelt tribute to her husband on his heavenly birthday. Shona‚ who passed away from a rare form of cancer known as Covid-19‚ was Connie's husband‚ brother‚ and friend. A tribute to her beloved husband‚ who died on October 19‚ has touched the hearts of millions of fans and followers around the world. Connie Ferguson has shared a touching tribute to her late husband on his heavenly birthday‚ as she has done for many years. The actor shared an old photograph of himself with his father on Facebook and included a short message that he would have liked to read. She also made sure to include a tribute message that would honor her father‚ Peter‚ who passed away in April. Shona and Connie founded a production company‚ Ferguson Films‚ in 2010 and had many hits on local television. The couple met 20 years ago and went on to marry. However‚ their relationship soon came to a close when Shona's illness led to his death. Ferguson's death‚ as reported by the Johannesburg-based Star‚ was caused by complications caused by the Covid-19 medication he was taking. His wife shared several videos of her husband on Instagram in a tribute to the departed.