Harry Styles announces new album Heres the release date

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Fans of the British singer can look forward to hearing his new music on April 20. The album will be his fourth studio release since leaving One Direction. He will headline the Coachella festival in April and will feature 13 songs. Fans can pre-download the music from Spotify or Apple Music. In February‚ the singer was spotted filming a music video‚ and fans were curious about when it would be released. The new Harry Styles album Heres the release date will be on May 20‚ and the artist has revealed the cover art and a trailer for the album. The trailer opens with different shots of city life and crowds. At one point‚ the video shows Styles performing in an empty theatre. Then‚ a yellow house is shown in the background‚ and the music video ends with him standing in front of the doorway of a yellow house. The album will feature 13 tracks‚ and is available for pre-download on iTunes‚ Spotify‚ and Apple Music. A teaser trailer was released to promote the album‚ and fans can pre-download it here. Additionally‚ fans can follow Harry on Instagram‚ TikTok‚ and i-D to get updates. If you're not following the star on social media‚ be sure to check out his latest news. Fans can now pre-download Harry Styles' third studio album. The album will feature 13 songs and will arrive on May 20. The cover art is similar to that of his debut‚ but the artist's previous album. The artist says the title of the new album is House‚ which he has derived from a 1975 Joni Mitchell song. The new song is titled The House of the Moon‚ and it has a catchy title: it's a swanky house. Harry Styles has announced his third solo album. It will be released on May 20 and is already available for pre-order. The album has been teased online via social media‚ with mysterious ads surfacing in newspapers around the world. The release date for the album has been announced for the UK. There is no release date for the US release. The UK version is the same day as the UK. The album features songs from his previous two albums. Fine Line earned Styles his first Grammy nomination. The track Watermelon was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance‚ making him the first One Direction alum to win the award. The new album is called Harry's House and is scheduled to be released on May 20. It is not yet clear when a live tour will be. The pop singer has announced the release date for his third album.

harry styles announces new album heres the release date
Image source : usmagazine

The album will be called Harry's House and is expected to be out on May 20. The title of the album reflects the title of the album. The first single House is a dreamy collage‚ while the second track‚ Hello‚ is more of a rock and roll song. A few weeks ago‚ he also announced that he would headline Coachella next month. The announcement of the new song was made in a way to keep fans excited for his album. The singer has announced the release date of his third studio album. Fans can pre-order it on Apple Music and Spotify and can download the songs. The album will be out on May 20 globally. The track 'House' is a single from his latest album. He has confirmed he will be headlining Coachella again in 2022. However‚ the band did not announce a tour schedule for the tour‚ but they have revealed the title of the album. The singer's third studio album‚ Harry's House‚ will be released on May 20. It will feature 13 songs‚ and the album will be available on Apple Music and Spotify. The singer has shared a teaser video‚ with the album's cover depicting him upside-down in a living room. The singer has previously shared the cover of his third studio album on his Instagram.