Homicide trial for ex-Vanderbilt nurse Day

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
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On Day 2 of the homicide trial for ex Vanderbilt nurse RaDonda Vaught‚ the defense has tried to focus the case on the underlying scientific details of the fatal medication mixup. However‚ the prosecution has made its case that Vaught did not commit the crime. She only admitted to a mistake and was sentenced to over ten years in prison. The nursing school's board of directors initially chose not to investigate the death. As the jury began deliberating the case‚ attorneys for RaDonda Vaught continued to highlight the mistakes she made in administering the fatal drug. Though she admitted giving the wrong drug to Murphey‚ Vaught should have contacted the pharmacy to fill the prescription. She should have overridden the automated system in the hospital to dispense medications‚ but she didn't. Her attorney also highlighted systemic failures at Vanderbilt that may have contributed to her mistakes. The prosecution presented numerous evidence regarding RaDonda Vaught's mistakes in giving the wrong drug to Murphey. During the first day of the homicide trial‚ the prosecution presented the medical details of the fatal mistake‚ as well as details of the criminal investigation. The court heard the letter from the state health department stating that there was no further action required against Vaught. While Vaught's defense team focused on the underlying systemic issues at Vanderbilt‚ the state's health department pointed to a systemic failure in her care. The prosecution argued that the error was the result of systemic problems at Vanderbilt. On Day 2‚ the defense argued that the error was Vaught's fault and that the case was motivated by the systemic problems at Vanderbilt. But the assistant district attorney for the case‚ Debbie Housel‚ outlined Vaught's mistakes in court. She said Vaught should have called the pharmacy before overriding the system that dispensed prescriptions. On Day 2 of the trial‚ the prosecution will present the prosecution's case. The defendant is a former Vanderbilt nurse who allegedly administered the wrong medicine to Murphey. The charges against RaDonda Vaught are based on her care of Murphey‚ a patient who died after receiving the wrong medication. The court will hear the testimony of three witnesses during the trial‚ and the evidence in the case will be argued against Vaught. RaDonda Vaught‚ a former nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center‚ is facing criminal charges for a fatal medication mix-up. The TBI's report on the trial stated that the error was caused by a medical error that was exacerbated by systemic problems at Vanderbilt. The state's health department also alleged that RaDonda Vaught was guilty of impaired adult abuse. The TBI has also asked the TBI to make a copy of the letter to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

homicide trial for ex vanderbilt nurse day 2 ex vanderbilt
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The letter states that RaDonda Vaught's homicide was an accident caused by a medication mixup. The TBI has filed a motion to suppress the letters. The TBI will present evidence in the trial to the judge. The trial will continue on the next two days of the hearing. The TBI also told jurors that RaDonda Vaught was guilty of reckless homicide and impaired adult abuse. She is accused of administering a fatal dose of Vecuronium Bromide‚ a substance that causes a person to become paralyzed and indefinitely unconscious. The TBI stated that the letter was not a valid document that violated state law. The TBI has revealed that RaDonda Vaught‚ an ex-Vanderbilt nurse‚ is accused of killing Charlene Murphey‚ a woman who entered the hospital with a brain bleed. The TBI says the nurse was fired after the incident‚ but it is unclear whether she actually killed the patient. The TBI also believes that Vaught did not call her pharmacist before administering the drugs. During the second day of the RaDonda Vaught homicide trial‚ the trial took place in a Tennessee courtroom. The accused nurse was fired from Vanderbilt Medical Center after she admitted to using the wrong drug on a patient. The hospital has refused to prosecute her. Instead‚ the TBI has asked for a retrial. A hearing will be held on Day 3 of the homicide trial.