Hornets vs. Magic prediction, odds, line, spread 2022 NBA picks

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Hornets Vs Magic Prediction Odds Line Spread 2022 NBA Pick

This Charlotte Hornets vs Orlando Magic prediction odds line spread 2022 NBA pick has several factors to consider. In addition to defense and efficiency‚ this game will likely have plenty of Parlay opportunities. Let's take a closer look at these factors. Among other factors‚ look for both teams to score at least 118 points. In addition‚ make sure to take into account their combined assists and turnovers.

Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets

There's a lot riding on the outcome of Friday's game between the Orlando Magic and the Charlotte Hornets. Orlando has lost their last 10 games‚ and is one game away from being eliminated from the playoffs. The Hornets‚ however‚ have won three straight games and are currently undefeated. With Oubre out‚ the Hornets are hoping to push Orlando down even more. While the Hornets aren't favored to win this game‚ they have a strong record at home. The Magic are a team that can beat bad teams and they're young. Despite this‚ they're still a team worth following in 2022. In addition‚ the Hornets are likely to win the season series. If you're betting on this matchup‚ make sure to check out the NBA predictions from SportsLine. SportsLine's predictions have been very accurate since the team's debut in the NBA. The model has a strong lean towards the under. It says one side of the spread will hit in 70 percent of simulations. This is a solid sign‚ as the Magic have been mediocre against the spread recently. And Charlotte have a strong home record‚ hitting the total in six of their last seven games. The Hornets have some talent but are still rebuilding‚ and the Magic are young. Charlotte has a ridiculously young roster and is winning games because of its teamwork. The Hornets' bench is loaded with talent‚ and their starting lineup is comprised of six players averaging over 10 points per game. Miles Bridges is the leading scorer with 18.6 points per game‚ while Lamelo Ball is right behind him. P.J. Washington and Gordon Hayward are also good options for this matchup. The Hornets are in a play-in game this season‚ with a 40-39 record. Charlotte has won every regular season matchup against Orlando. They beat the Magic 120-111 in Charlotte‚ and they won 106-99 in Orlando. Despite their overall lack of offense‚ Charlotte is at least competitive in defense and has some issues that can make the Hornets look better than their current record.


If you're picking Hornets vs Magic 2022‚ the first and most important question to ask yourself is: which team's defense is better? The Hornets rank 24th in defensive efficiency‚ forcing opponents to shoot 46.6% from the floor. On the other hand‚ the Chicago Bulls are the league's top jump-shooting team‚ which will depend on the backcourt to score points. The Orlando Magic are underdogs in this game‚ despite their current record. They've won just three of their last eight games and are looking to improve their draft lottery chances rather than win the Southeast Division. With three key pieces out‚ the Magic's offense won't have a great shot at scoring tonight‚ and Charlotte's defense hasn't been up to par in the last two games. On offense‚ the Hornets are dynamic. They're top-ten in overall efficiency‚ allowing 113 points per 100 possessions. Charlotte also ranks No. 2 in assists and fast break points. The Charlotte Hornets are also in the top eight in 3-pointers per game. Meanwhile‚ Orlando's offense is one of the worst in the league. That should benefit the Hornets. In the most recent game between these two teams‚ Charlotte won the first matchup 113-103. The Hornets ranked fifth in scoring‚ and ninth in three-point field percentage. Orlando's defense‚ on the other hand‚ has a long way to go. As a result‚ a defensive breakdown can define the team's low points. However‚ Charlotte won both of its previous matchups against the Magic. In addition to that‚ the two-time All-Star Isaiah Thomas has signed a 10-day contract with Charlotte. Earlier this season‚ Thomas played on a 10-day contract with the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers. Charlotte has been inconsistent on offense‚ which is why a game like this will be crucial for the Hornets to advance to the playoffs. They've given up 144 points in each of their last two games‚ and they need to regain their confidence against the Magic. They're looking for a victory to improve their play-in seeding‚ so their defense will be key.


If you are looking for efficiency in NBA picks‚ you should check out the model from SportsLine. This model is highly accurate. It has a 70% hit rate and leans under the total. It also offers full NBA line spreads so you can get the best number for your bets. It has also crushed NBA picks this season. Read on to discover how it can crush your NBA picks! Charlotte has one of the best offenses in the NBA‚ and the Hornets are a great team that thrives in transition. The Hornets rank third in pace in the league‚ and the Magic rank 24th. This means Charlotte should be able to run and gun on Orlando. Charlotte's mannequin has hit on one facet in seventy percent of simulations. In addition‚ the Hornets are an overwhelming favorite to win this game‚ and the Magic beat the Cavs in the last game. Despite this‚ the Hornets have a tremendous advantage over Magic‚ and their win will likely improve their standing in the NBA. If they win‚ they will likely finish at tenth place‚ but they can move up the standings with a win. Despite the poor defensive efficiency of the Orlando Magic‚ Charlotte is an above-average offensive team. Their high-end passing creates numerous opportunities for teammates. Charlotte ranks seventh in assists and assist-to-turnover ratio‚ and their defenders are able to swat away the ball. Despite their defensive efficiency‚ the Magic is an underwhelming team when attacking the rim‚ allowing opponents to score 103.8 factors per game. They also rank in the bottom five in most categories‚ including free-throw accuracy‚ and assist-to-turnover ratio.

Parlay bets

The Hornets vs Magic NBA picks parlay has a +110 ROI. The team has the best offense in the league and their star guard‚ Kevin Durant‚ is the unquestioned leader on the court. Kevin Durant averages 5.8 assists and 9.8 potential assists per game‚ the highest rate in the league without James Harden. The team is ranked 20th in defensive rating and third in pace. The Orlando Magic have a young‚ inexperienced team‚ and they have trouble putting together a good performance against a team with a proven track record. The Hornets‚ on the other hand‚ have a long history of beating bad teams. While the Magic have won a few of these games‚ their overall record against the Hornets is more impressive‚ as they are a better team than they looked when they lost their first game. The Hornets are in a great position to win the series against the Magic. Both teams have solid defensive units and are fighting for playoff seeding. With a three-game lead over the seventh seed‚ the Cavs must finish in the top six to guarantee a playoff series. Josh Garland is going to have to carry the team offensively‚ but with a 50% expected win rate‚ he's a good pick in a Hornets vs Magic NBA picks parlay. The Raptors are another intriguing team‚ and this season has been especially interesting for them. They started out as a non-playoff team but flew up the Eastern Conference standings before cooling off in the play-in tournament. They even managed to pass the Cleveland Cavaliers for the #6 seed in the playoffs. The Hornets have the best record in the NBA‚ but the Magic have been the worst team all season.