House oversight panel to hear testimony from victims' parents and survivors of the buffalo shootings and uvalde assaults

Friday, June 3, 2022
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House Oversight Committee: Shooting at Uvalde Robb Elementary School

Today's attack on a Texas school killed two students and a teacher at the Uvalde Robb Elementary School, including 10-year-old Alexandria Lexi Aniyah Rubio and his classmates. The Uvalde Police Department rushed to the school, where bullets penetrating the classroom door and striking officers standing in the hallway. When the gunman opened fire in the next classroom, Miah heard music playing, and 16 more shots were fired. By the time more officers arrived outside the school, more victims were dead.

WASHINGTON -- Parents and survivors of victims Uvalde and Buffalo Next week, Democrats will present evidence to the House Oversight Committee about the shootings. They want to emphasize the human cost of the and other mass killings across the country According to the committee, NBC News was informed. The committee will announce Friday's hearing with testimony by Zeneta Everhart. Zaire Goodman was Zeneta's son. Injured in the shooting At a Tops grocery in Buffalo as well Uvalde’s sole pediatrician, Roy Guerrero Felix Rubio and Kimberly Rubio. Daughter Lexi At the Robb Elementary School in the city, he was shot to death. Miah Cerrillo was the fourth grader She covered herself with blood from a classmate who had been murdered and then played dead in order to live.She will share her personal story with legislators. They will testify in person, or virtually. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), Oversight Chairwoman, stated that she hopes this hearing will turn anger into action. She also expressed hope that my colleagues would listen to gun violence survivors telling their stories and those of loved ones. I believe this hearing will help save lives and inspire my colleagues from both sides to get legislation passed. As lawmakers work to stop more gun deaths, the hearing is being held in Congress's two chambers. Next week, the House will vote on a package of gun violence prevention steps. These include provisions that create federal offenses for gun traficking and straw purchasing and increase the legal age to purchase a semiautomatic rifle from 18. to 21. Red flag laws would be an incentive for states to adopt them. This would give authorities the power to seize guns belonging to people they consider to pose a risk to their safety or that of others. In the meantime, senators from both parties continue to discuss this issue. This group has been a Framework for legislating A source told NBC News that he is currently discussing school safety and mental health. However, there are not many details. President Joe Biden said In a Thursday evening address, he stated that he supported the efforts of the group. He said that he was shocked by the refusal of most Senate Republicans to allow any of these ideas to even be considered or put up for vote. Biden called for Congress to reinstate the ban against so-called assault weapon, such as AR-15s and to ban high-capacity magazine bans. He also suggested that lawmakers raise the purchase age from 18 to 21 if these measures fail to advance. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), one of the leading negotiators for the Senate package said Friday that he was willing to negotiate, but not to make compromises that would be detrimental to the Senate. The Democrats face a difficult task in getting legislation through the evenly divided Senate. However, it would require 10 Republicans to support the legislation in order to defeat a GOP filibuster.