How Deshaun Watson trade affects Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Saturday, March 19, 2022
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The Buccaneers' acquisition of quarterback Deshaun Watson is a major shakeup for the organization. Despite the fact that the deal doesn't include a cap hit‚ the player is expected to be a free agent after this season. If he's moved on‚ the Buccaneers could benefit from his experience. With the upcoming draft‚ Tampa Bay has some flexibility to trade Watson. Watson was linked to all but the Bucs prior to the trade‚ so they knew it would be a risk to sign him. Brady was a top-10 quarterback in his prime‚ so teams were forced to match up with them aggressively. The Saints‚ Falcons and Panthers were unable to sit on the bench with the QB they wanted. Now‚ with Watson on the team‚ the Buccaneers have a chance to become a contender again. While Houston may be hesitant to trade Watson‚ they will likely try to get multiple draft picks in exchange for him. The Texans would probably be happy to get more than one first round pick in return for Watson‚ but they could be willing to offer more. In addition to multiple first-round picks‚ the Buccaneers have plenty of other teams vying for the quarterback's services. The Buccaneers are looking for a new quarterback after the loss of Tom Brady. Although Deshaun Watson was linked to every team in the NFC South‚ the team hasn't signed a quarterback since that trade. If they can land a new quarterback‚ they're likely to be favorites in the playoffs. So‚ the Buccaneers are now in a position to make a run at the top quarterback in the league. Despite the fact that Deshaun Watson has been traded to Cleveland‚ the Buccaneers are still in win-now mode. If they can find a quarterback for their offensive line‚ they should be able to win the division. But if they can't‚ the Buccaneers should try to find another one. After all‚ they're in a win-now mindset. The Deshaun IBM trade will be a boost for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While Watson has been linked to several other teams‚ the Buccaneers were always among the top teams for him. The Cleveland Browns were a strong contender for him‚ but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a good match for him. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a quarterback who can be a top-two pick in the NFC. The trade makes the most sense for all parties. The move to the NFC South was an excellent move for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The quarterback‚ Watson‚ was linked to every team in the NFC South. The decision to trade him to the NFC South made the decision much easier. By acquiring Watson‚ the Buccaneers are now the favorites to make the playoffs next season. They are a good place to start the rebuild. The Buccaneers were also a strong candidate for Brady when he retired. But with Tom Brady back in town‚ the teams began matching up aggressively to gain the quarterback. The New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons couldn't afford to sit back while Brady was on the market. Therefore‚ the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to sway the trade of Deshaun Watson to the Houston Texans. The trade is a huge boost for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‚ but the quarterback's presence has to be a top priority. After all‚ the trade is a huge deal for the Buccaneers. The Cleveland Browns are the team that will be receiving the quarterback. The move is a major coup for the Buccaneers‚ but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be wary of the consequences. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were considered a serious contender to land Tom Brady‚ but in the end‚ the deal ended up being a deal between the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns. Neither team lacked a quarterback‚ and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had been linked to the other teams in the NFC South. However‚ the Tampa‚ who are a top contender for the NFC South‚ will now have to figure out how to use Watson.