How to Chicago Fire season 10, episode 17

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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How to Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 17

In How to Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17‚ we learn that Adrianna Kidd has a bruise on her neck from domestic violence‚ Blake confronts Violet about her avoiding him‚ and Severide develops feelings for Stella. In this article‚ we will also discuss how Severide and Stella's romance develops in the episode. We'll also look at the upcoming season of the show‚ so keep reading to learn more about this season's hottest characters!

Adrianna Kidd has a bruise on her neck from domestic violence

A bruising on the neck on the body of Adrianna Kidd from domestic violence is a striking image of the show's characters. At first‚ Kidd didn't say much about the incident‚ but she later revealed that she had experienced domestic violence. After this episode‚ she was encouraged to seek help from the police. After all‚ this was a very real event that occurred in her life. One of the most disturbing moments in the episode involved the domestic violence of a driver and a female passenger. Stella Kidd aided the female driver out of the car‚ but the driver fled on foot. Violet Mikami warned the man that he needed medical attention. The victim of the domestic violence was declared dead on the scene. This occurrence was shocking to everyone‚ including Adrianna. This episode also introduced a new paramedic‚ Caitlin Carver. Emma seems unfazed by the blood‚ and she starts to develop feelings for Blake Gallo. However‚ she is overly flirtatious‚ and Violet will have a tough time with her. If she continues to flirt with Blake Gallo‚ it could be trouble for her relationship with Hawkins.

Blake Gallo confronts Violet about her avoiding him

In Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17‚ Blake Gallo confronts Violet about her etiquette. He says he was not aware of her relationship‚ but the girl is avoiding him. He thinks she is flirting with other people. He's jealous of her relationship and doesn't like that she's dating someone else. He also feels that his relationship with Violet is unfair since the Ambulance 61 skipped the line for repairs because of his relationship with Hawkins. This could have a disastrous effect on his relationship with Violet. After discovering the truth about Violet's relationship with other men‚ Gallo confronts Violet about her past. He bought a Fitbit and suggested that they be more open. But Gallo is jealous of Violet seeing other men and he feels guilty that she is not open with him. He doesn't know what to do because she's trying to protect herself and her career. Chief Evan Hawkins and Violet Mikami are involved in a love triangle. He wants Violet to trust him‚ but she is avoiding him. Blake confronts Violet about her avoiding him in Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17 after he learns of her affair. He tries to get Violet to change her behavior‚ but the latter's behavior makes her feel slighted. Meanwhile‚ Violet's naivete is evident when she refuses to confront Gallo about her avoiding him. After all‚ he's just another Chicago Fire cop‚ and Violet doesn't want to hurt him. She's too naive to understand how the city works. So she abandons her feelings for him and rents an apartment in a crime-ridden neighborhood. A new relationship could be on the horizon for Hawkins and Violet‚ but the two must decide whether to let it go or risk the relationship becoming too messy. Violet is unsure of what to do. The new relationship will have to be more mature. In this episode‚ she's forced to choose between her career and her relationship. So‚ will she choose to stay with him? Find out in Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17!

Emma develops feelings for Blake Gallo in Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17

In Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17‚ Violet suspects that Hawkins is developing feelings for her‚ which Gallo denies. The pair spend much of their time at Firehouse 51‚ where Violet is currently romantically involved with Hawkins. While Violet has tried to keep the relationship a secret‚ Gallo has been critical of her relationship with Violet. In the following episode‚ Violet finally admits her feelings for Hawkins‚ but not before Gallo tries to rebuke her. The show also introduces a new character‚ Blake Gallo‚ who is an underutilized firefighter who is assigned to Truck 81. He joined the department after being accidentally thrown out of a burning house‚ where he met Violet. He later joined Firehouse 51 when CFD extended their second shift and was put under the leadership of Casey. The young firefighter was a firefighter who was traumatized by losing his parents and sister. After saving him‚ he decided to join the fire department. He is inspired by his father‚ who was an in-service firefighter‚ and the firefighter who saved him. While the show has been largely about Casey and Sylvie's relationship‚ this episode shows a new dynamic between the two. Sylvie is attempting to make it work‚ but Casey has been out of the picture for the past few episodes. This is an interesting development for the show and for the characters in it. This season also marks the beginning of the playoffs for the NFL‚ which could set the stage for surprises. The show will return for its 11th season. The season will return in September 2022. After a successful run for season 10‚ Chicago Fire is set for a revival in 2022. It has already been renewed for a 10th season‚ and Jesse Spencer‚ who has played Capt. Matthew Casey for the past 10 seasons‚ will return for the series. The show is one of the most popular on American television and is a must-watch. This episode introduces a new character‚ Emma Jacobs. She serves as a foil for Violet and shows her compassionate side. She helps a wounded hockey player‚ while she also helps Cruz and Chloe. The episode ends with a wedding proposal‚ but other firefighters question Blake's motives. Ultimately‚ the couple settles on a date and a relationship.

Severide and Stella's romance in Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17

In Chicago Fire season 10 episode 17‚ Severide and Stella's romance continues as they face their biggest challenges yet. Veronica is pushed to the edge by her mother's decision to leave‚ but Severide defends her. The two have been friends for years‚ but things have changed in their relationship in recent weeks. Despite the setback‚ the two are still able to make amends and move forward. In the previous season‚ Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide's romance began with the help of their mutual love for each other. They started a relationship with each other after the Season 4 finale‚ but things went wrong when Stella left him for a hazmat team member. Severide later apologizes to Stella for his actions‚ and they have a frank discussion about their past. When a tragic fire occurs‚ Severide and the other firefighters work together to find out what caused it. They discover that the cause of the fire is a criminal‚ and the arsonist is captured and killed during a memorial service. The fire is quickly over‚ but the two are now romantically linked. However‚ it is unlikely that the relationship will last‚ and the future of this pair remains uncertain. A lot of fans are wondering if there will be more of a connection between the two in the upcoming season. Thankfully‚ the show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of love and romance. Severide and Stella's romance is set to intensify as the season continues. In fact‚ if you're a fan of Chicago Fire‚ you'll be glad to know that Stella is now the Lieutenant of Firehouse 72‚ which is an obvious romantic move for both of them. In the episode‚ Severide and Stella's romance takes on a new dimension when the pair return to the city and become involved in a house fire. Severide and Stella's romance is a complex one‚ but it's also very satisfying. While Severide's absence from the fire department has left Stella feeling unfulfilled‚ she still refuses to leave the city. This is because it's the only place in Chicago where she can see her husband.