How to get into the Over 2 beta

Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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How to Get Into the Overwatch 2 Beta

Getting into the Overwatch 2 beta is pretty easy‚ but you must have a lot of luck. One way is to sign up through the Twitch Drop system. You can also use the Twitch promotion to receive an invite. You'll need to have played Overwatch 1 to be eligible for the beta. If you're still not eligible‚ you can follow these tips to get in. Read on to learn more about these methods.

System requirements

If you are looking for an early access beta‚ the Overwatch 2 game is finally on the way. While the game has already been delayed a few times‚ the beta is finally coming and you can get a firsthand look at what to expect from the sequel. However‚ getting into the beta has its requirements. Here are the minimum requirements for your PC. Hopefully‚ these specifications will be enough to get you in. To be able to play the Overwatch 2 beta‚ you will need a minimum of 60 FPS‚ an AMD Radeon 9500‚ and an NVIDIA TITAN X card. The game is designed to run at 60 FPS on medium graphics settings. Even if your specs are lower than these‚ you should still be able to play the game smoothly. Pro Game Guides will continue to provide overwatch 2 content‚ as well as help you make a good choice. While the game is significantly more demanding than the original version‚ the Overwatch 2 beta is now available for select players. As more content is released and additional updates are deployed‚ these requirements may change. For now‚ it is important to know what system specs you need to run the game in order to access the beta. Depending on what kind of PC you have‚ you may find that the recommended specs aren't enough for the game.

Sign up

The Overwatch 2 beta is open to the public and begins on April 26 at 11 am PDT. You must sign up before the beta opens. Those who wish to participate must follow the steps outlined below. Signing up will not guarantee you'll get into the beta‚ but it's definitely worth a shot. During the beta‚ you'll get some extra items and abilities that are exclusive to the beta. If you haven't yet signed up for the Over 2 beta‚ now is the time to sign up. The beta will contain new maps and hero classes. It will give fans their first taste of the upcoming Overwatch game. You can sign up here. Remember‚ if you've played the game before‚ you may want to wait until it's released. Hopefully‚ it will be available for a late April launch date.

Twitch promotion

If you want to get into the Over 2 beta‚ then you've probably heard of the Twitch Drops promotion. To get these rewards‚ you'll need to watch certain Twitch channels for at least four hours. This is a great way to promote yourself without advertising on your live streams‚ but it's important to follow the rules and guidelines of your subreddit. It's also important to remember that the Twitch Drops promotion is a two-way process. The Twitch CEO and other executives have both apologized. In addition to the Over 2 beta‚ Twitch is also expanding its content and services. The company is adding a music section and offering free tracks. They are also launching a new Creative category. The service is also streaming a Bob Ross Painting marathon. The Twitch team is also collaborating with Polygon‚ a gaming website. These two entities are making their way into the world of video game streaming‚ and Twitch has a lot of exciting things in store for their customers.


Blizzard has just announced that the Overwatch 2 beta is coming this April‚ and invites will be distributed when the beta servers go live. However‚ the first wave of invites will not go out all at once. That said‚ Blizzard has announced that an official FAQ article will go live this week. Let's take a look at How to get an invite to the beta. Hopefully‚ it will answer some of your questions. You can try your luck with Twitch Drops‚ wherein you have to watch a certain stream at a certain time. For example‚ if you watch a Twitch stream between 1 PM ET and 9 PM ET on April 27‚ you'll have the opportunity to receive an invite. If you watch a certain stream during this timeframe‚ you'll be given a chance to participate in the Overwatch 2 beta. While the actual selection process is secret‚ you can still register for the Overwatch 2 beta. The beta is set to go live on Tuesday‚ April 26. While you may not get an invitation right away‚ you'll be able to try out PvP in a game that's currently available on the PC. If you want to try out Overwatch 2 early‚ make sure to sign up for the beta as soon as you can. You can also check the list of players who have already been invited to the Overwatch 2 beta.