HushPuppi caught in $400k fraud case while in US jail, FBI agent

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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Ramon Olorunwa Abbas‚ a former FBI agent‚ was recently arrested and is facing criminal charges. He has been accused of fraudulently obtaining more than $400k in cash from a US law firm and illegally transferring over $14.7 million from a foreign financial institution. Apparently‚ the money was intended for an English football club and hackers used the data to obtain these debit cards and then sell them on the underground marketplaces. Since prisoners are not allowed to use computers or the internet‚ he had access to a prison computer network. The FBI agent claims to be an FBI agent‚ and has been interviewing Hushpuppi for the past few months. He also has been exposing his true identity to the public. The Instagram celebrity was arrested while serving a five-year jail sentence for a felony drug charge. While he is in jail‚ he is still free and has a great future in prison. The FBI agent claimed to be an FBI agent and had a surveillance camera installed in his cell.

hushpuppi caught in 400k fraud case while us jail fbi agent
Image source : i0wpcom/

According to his story‚ he has been a US federal prison inmate for a year and a half and has been convicted of a $400k fraud case while in jail. The evidence stated that Hushpuppi obtained debit cards with stolen data of U.S. citizens. He is currently in custody at a California Federal prison.