Hyundai Pakistan social media handles post on Kashmir, Indians

Sunday, February 6, 2022
author picture Ethan Guerin
Video/image : YouTube , 5ecvzpjmchgzm
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Recently, the Twitter account of Hyundai Pakistan posted a poster on its Facebook page calling for the independence of Kashmir from India. This tweet came on the national holiday of Kashmir Solidarity Day, which is celebrated by separatists and terrorists. The Hyundai Pakistan social media handles were slammed by Indian internet users who condemned Hyundai for interfering in the affairs of India. They later removed the posts and banned several users from following them. In response to the controversy, the Pakistani dealer blocked a user for questioning the posting and criticism of the company on its Facebook page. This blocked the user from tweeting about Hyundai Pakistan's post on Kashmir Solidarity Day. After receiving flak from Indian netizens, the automaker removed the posts from its Facebook page and Instagram account. This move was condemned by some wokes and leftists, and a boycott of Hyundai was launched. After the tweet, many Indians began protesting against Hyundai.

The hashtag #BoycottHyundai quickly became a trend on social media. However, the automaker quickly responded to the outcry by pulling its Pakistani social media pages. The company has said it has a zero-tolerance policy against insensitive communication, but that the tweet was sad and unacceptable.