Icon suffers three heart attacks, clings to life

Monday, March 14, 2022
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Erica Garner‚ the Black Panther icon‚ suffered multiple heart attacks and is on life support after suffering massive brain damage from an attack. The former model‚ who was only 35 years old‚ struck an especially powerful chord in the civil rights movement. Her grandmother‚ Sybrina Fulton‚ and fellow activists Geneva Reed-Veal and Maria Hamilton were referred to as the Mothers of the Movement. During the 2010 presidential campaign‚ they were embraced by the mainstream Democratic Party and officials. The loss of Drutchas' life is particularly tragic. He was an athlete and had worked hard in his career. He was also in peak physical shape and had maintained a healthy weight. Despite his heroic efforts‚ he was unable to walk across a room after suffering three heart attacks. Now‚ he is still dealing with the chronic conditions that plague his health.

icon suffers three heart attacks clings to life
Image source : ih1redbub

People don't understand how heart failure affects people‚ says Mickie James‚ a close friend. Scott Hall was an Icon‚ a musician and a model. He was a high-performing employee and in good shape‚ as long as he ate right and exercised. But after a heart attack‚ Drutchas was barely able to walk across a room. And despite his continued struggles‚ he remained a popular figure‚ despite his condition.