Inside Bigg Boss fandom and what brands can learn from it

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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A closer look at the fanbase's social media accounts reveals that it is comprised of young Indians between the ages of 16 and 24. While some of the followers are genuinely interested in the show‚ others are there for a quick buck. An account whose author did not want to be identified told Storyboard18 that contestants' PR teams rope in 400 to 500 accounts to spread their message for them. The account owners are paid Rs 20-30 for each tweet‚ and some of these fans even change over to political support handles once the show is over. The social media accounts of the Bigg Boss contestants are very popular. Their followers are generally aged 16 to 24 and comprise tens of millions of real followers. In addition to the actual fans‚ there are also thousands of fake accounts used to spread the word about the show. The PR teams hire 400-500 fake Twitter handles to post messages for their contestants. These accounts are paid Rs 20-30 per tweet. Some of these users even switch over to support a particular politician. Brands can gain insight from the fan base of Bigg Boss contestants.

inside bigg boss fandom and what brands can learn from it
Image source : imagesmon

The social media accounts of the contestants have a wide following of fans ranging from 16 to 24 years old. It's not that these users are loyal to the brands‚ but they do feel connected to the brands and are often passionate about the brand. If they want to engage with fans‚ they must create an account that resembles that of the contestants.