Inside Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzálezs Causal Romance They

Monday, May 16, 2022
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Inside Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez' Causal Romance

While many people think of them as the Godzilla vs. Kong stars‚ they are also famous for their infamous sex scenes. Recently‚ Jason and Eiza were spotted together at the premiere of the Godzilla vs. Kong movie. However‚ this romantic relationship has been dogged by rumors about Jason and Eiza being linked to Liam Hemsworth.

Jason Momoa is dating Godzilla vs. Kong actress Eiza Gonzalez

The news that Jason Momoa is dating Godzilla & Kong actress Eiza Gonzalez has been making headlines this week. The actor‚ who is a divorced father of three‚ is no stranger to rumours and scandals. Earlier this year‚ he announced his divorce from his wife Lisa Bonet. While the couple was married for only about five years‚ their relationship was said to have lasted almost a decade. Despite his upcoming relationship with Eiza Gonzalez‚ Jason has been linked to other actresses. The relationship between Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez is one of the most rumored to hit Hollywood in the past few years. During the first half of 2016‚ Momoa was rumored to be dating Mexican actress Jennifer Bonet‚ who starred opposite him in the critically acclaimed thriller 'Lola‚ erase una vez'. After a brief relationship with Bonet‚ he moved to Los Angeles‚ where he continued to work on his career. He has starred in several Hollywood films‚ including Godzilla vs. Kong and Hobbs & Shaw. He is also scheduled to star in Extrapolations‚ alongside Meryl Streep. If Momoa and Gonzalez are indeed dating‚ it would not be surprising to hear a love song about them. The two met each other on the set of Fast X‚ although the two have yet to publicly acknowledge their romance. However‚ rumors about their relationship will continue to persist until Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hit the cinemas in March 2023. They also have a child‚ son‚ and daughter together. After splitting from his wife‚ Lisa Bonet‚ in January 2022‚ the actor has been spotted with Eiza Gonzalez. The pair have not been seen out together at awards shows or red carpets‚ but this hasn't stopped rumours that the two are seeing each other. The pair haven't stepped out together yet‚ but they did spend some time relaxing together last month at the premiere of Ambulance. Meanwhile‚ Momoa has been enjoying the success of his latest projects‚ including Fast X and Godzilla vs. Kong. He has also joined the Fast & Furious franchise‚ which also stars Vin Diesel‚ Ludacris‚ and Tyrese. In addition‚ he will be starring alongside many other celebrities‚ including Charlize Theron and Daniela Melchior. While there are no official reports regarding the relationship between the two‚ it is certainly interesting to note that Gonzalez is Momoa's mother. He is the father of 'The Batman' actress Zoe Kravitz. She is also the mother of two daughters‚ Lola Kravitz‚ 14‚ and Nakoa-Wolf Kravitz‚ a 13-year-old.

The two have been dating since the first time they met

In addition to their growing romance‚ the two have a child. In February 2019‚ they announced their pregnancy during the show's reunion. The two are parents to their daughter Olivia‚ who was born in February 2021. However‚ they have had several spats over the years‚ including a heated argument over an apartment. Anthony claimed the property was perfect‚ but Ashley dismissed the idea because of the lack of parking space. Since then‚ they've remained married and welcomed two children. The two are expected to welcome their second child‚ Robert Elvin Dodd IV‚ in December 2021.

They have been linked to Liam Hemsworth

Both actors have starred in blockbuster films‚ including The Avengers‚ and they have also been spotted lip-locking and flirting with new gals. They were spotted out on the town together last month‚ as they attended the Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez fight in Las Vegas. The next night‚ they were spotted together at the XS nightclub. They were later spotted out in L.A. together again‚ and were photographed kissing again two days later. The two actors have dated other people in the past‚ including Liam Hemsworth and Jason Momoa. While they weren't dating in the movie‚ they were seen kissing one another at an event for Eiza Gonzalez's new movie‚ Causal Romance They. But their relationship didn't stay secret for long. Neither actor has confirmed or denied the relationship. However‚ they were seen kissing Timothee Chalamet in April 2018. Recently‚ Eiza Gonzalez and Jason Momoa have been spotted together at a premiere of Ambulance‚ and they've been linked to Liam Hemsworth and Kate Beckinsale. While neither of them have publicly confirmed a relationship‚ the actresses are in close contact‚ and she's reportedly been dating Liam Hemsworth for a year. The relationship between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Carter is no longer a secret. In fact‚ they appeared kissing in Italy on July 9th‚ two days after the split. The two were close the day before. If they are still dating‚ it could mean that they've cooled their romance. So what could be the future? Miley and Liam were first linked when they were working together on the set of The Last Song. They later became engaged in June 2012‚ but called off their engagement and reconciled. In February 2017‚ the couple attended a premiere of Thor: Ragnarok where Liam's brother Chris played the hammer. They then lost their Malibu home in the wildfires in November 2018 and relocated to Tennessee.