Inside Selena Gomez and Post Malones wild SNL afterparty

Monday, May 16, 2022
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Selena Gomez and Post Malones Wild SNL Afterparty

Selena Gomez almost forgot her cell phone at the SNL afterparty and her stepfather reportedly chased her out of the restaurant! Post Malone had an equally wild night and was seen holding a Bud Light and a question mark trucker hat as he greeted fans outside the party. He even carved his name into a table.

Cara Delevingne

The night started out in an uproar. Cara Delevingne appeared at a Selena Gomez and Post Malones wild SNL afterparty with a host of guests. The threesome was seated behind Megan Dawson‚ who was a hot commodity on the night. She also licked her legs - a sure sign of a high-energy night. The pair spent the entire evening together after hosting Saturday Night Live. The 'SNL' stars partied at L'Avenue at Saks in New York City‚ where they sipped martinis and ate cheeseburgers. The two women are longtime friends and have matching rose tattoos. The two are also seen kissing‚ and a Page Six spy exclusively reported their activities.

Selena Gomez

The couple was spotted leaving the Saturday Night Live afterparty after a late night drinking spree. A Page Six in-depth spy claims the two were sipping martinis all night long. They also had matching rose tattoos‚ which they both sport. The pair also have longtime friendships and share matching rose tattoos. The stars also have matching rose tattoos on their fingers‚ which they allegedly exchanged at the afterparty. The SNL afterparty was a raucous experience‚ and both stars almost forgot their cell phones. In fact‚ Selena had to be chased out of a restaurant by her stepfather‚ who later told her to leave the party. Post Malone‚ who was the musical guest at the show‚ also had an eventful night. The singer‚ who went under the stage name Austin Richard Put up‚ hung out with Lorne Michaels‚ but was asked to leave the party at 5:30 a.m. As a result of the recent controversy surrounding the pair‚ Page Six decided to go undercover to attend the after-party. The two were joined by Miley Cyrus‚ who was one of Selena Gomez's oldest friends. But even before the party‚ the pair made time for a photo shoot with their friends. In the meantime‚ Post Malone's name was carved into the table.

Post Malone

At the Saturday Night Live afterparty‚ Post Malone wore a black cape and matching dress and a 'Do You Believe in Fairies' trucker hat. The singer also carved his name into a table. Paul Rudd and Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton attended the party. According to a report‚ Post Malone and Gomez spent the entire night talking to Lorne Michaels and hung out with the host of the show. In addition to the SNL afterparty‚ Selena Gomez and Post Malnes went to a swanky restaurant. There‚ the singers spent the night hanging out with celebrities‚ including Cara Delevingne. The two stars also celebrated Post's upcoming release of his fourth studio album‚ Hollywood's Bleeding. The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and was the highest-ranking album of the year-end chart. The afterparty was a surprise for everyone involved.

Chloe Sevigny

A photo of Chloe Sevigny was snapped inside Selena Gomez and Post Maleones' wild Saturday Night Live afterparty has been shared online. The teen pop star‚ who sported a platinum blonde bob last summer‚ told Vogue that she was having a great time with her lighter locks. With other celebrity blondes going the way of Billie Eilish and Kourtney Kardashian recently went platinum blond‚ Gomez is certainly in good company. In other celeb afterparties‚ Chloe Sevigny showed up with the same outfit. She wore a shimmery gold body paint. The star posed with Fat Joe‚ Doja Cat‚ and DJ Khaled. She appeared to have no stake in the Billboard Music Awards‚ so why not accept her invite?

Kara Delevin

After a memorable Saturday Night Live performance‚ Selena Gomez turned up at L'Avenue in Saks for the SNL afterparty. The two celebrated with martinis and cheeseburgers. The two have been close friends for years and are both sporting matching rose tattoos. Gomez's stepfather was also in attendance.

Megan Fox

After announcing earlier this month that she would host Saturday Night Live‚ Selena Gomez has already begun rehearsals. She joked about doing all 40 sketches. She also brought her stepfather to chase her out of a restaurant and she nearly forgot her cell phone. I'll be on my way‚ she told reporters on the red carpet.