Insta feud fuels the wagatha Christie Libel Case

Saturday, May 21, 2022
author picture Daniel Marino
coleen rooney jamie vardy rebekah wayne instagram soccer players <strong>Insta</strong> feud fuels the wagatha christie libel case

If tabloid-facing characters openly spew in juicy whodunits‚ and the drama is based upon the type of petty Instagram drama which would feel right at home in any highschool hallway‚ and the confrontation proceeds to a courtroom where every titillating detail is poked and prodded at‚ this is the recipe for an enticing saga that many have enjoyed. The British libel case pitting two famous soccer wives against one another‚ which is currently in London awaiting a verdict after closing arguments. While it has not yet pushed Ukraine and government malfeasance out of the pages‚ the legal drama has provided a welcome relief for many news-lovers who love news desserts with their news dinner. Let's make sure you're paying attention if you've been remiss. Subscribe to The Morning Newsletter from The New York Times I need the basics‚ please. Coleen Rooney (36)‚ is a TV personality who is also married to Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney was a former soccer player. Rebekah Vardy (40)‚ is also a TV personality. She is married to Jamie Vardy who is also a soccer superstar. Rebekah Vardy sued Coleen Rooney in defamation. The case was brought to trial at London's High Court last week. This court oversees all high-profile civil proceedings throughout Britain. British tabloids treated soccer player's wives and girlfriends as celebrities for years. This was long before Instagram became a big deal. Instagram drama? Coleen Rooney revealed in October 2019 that someone had been watching her Instagram accounts and leaked personal information to the media. She said she'd conducted extensive surveillance to locate the leaker. You can limit certain content on Instagram to certain people. Coleen Rooney explained that she created false stories and made them visible only to one account in order to check if the story reached the media. They did. She posted a shocking dun-dun statement on Twitter‚ revealing the findings of her investigation. The account was owned by Rebekah Vardy. So‚ case closed? Nope. Rebekah Vardy‚ who denied that she was involved in the incident‚ said multiple individuals had access to her Instagram. Rebekah Vardy claimed that the accusations had caused her to be subject to verbal abuses from the public. This was a stressor during pregnancy. She began civil proceedings against the accuser in 2020. If you believed this‚ I would have called you. Coleen Rooney responded. Sorry‚ but I don't get the reference to "Wagatha Christie". As mentioned‚ WAGs stands for wives or girlfriends. Agatha Christie is an English author of detective novels. Coleen Rooney‚ they say‚ is a great detective. Got it. So who’s right? We wish we could. It's not clear if there will ever be proof. Rebekah Vardy’s lawyer Hugh Tomlinson said last week in court that Coleen Vardy believed Caroline Watt was the perpetrator. Reporters covering the trial covered the statement. Coleen Rooney revealed that Watt dropped in an accident a cellphone with WhatsApp messages about the case. You can sue for this? Yes. According to English defamation lawyers‚ any person who posts a negative comment about another on social media may be subject to damages. Libel cases at the High Court‚ however‚ are extremely rare due to their high cost. Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney refused to settle outside of court. When will we have an answer? Opening arguments were given Thursday. It is now up to the judge. (c) 2022 The New York Times Company