International kabaddi player Sandeep Nangal SHOT DEAD during

Monday, March 14, 2022
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Video/image source : youtube, cdn1mpbre
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An International kabaddi player has been murdered during a game in Malian‚ Punjab. Police are investigating the death of Sandeep Nangal‚ who was shot dead during a match by unknown assailants. He was hit in the chest and head with eight to ten bullets. The incident sparked outrage and prompted a frantic search for the perpetrators. The player was killed while playing with his team during a tournament. According to the Indian police‚ the unidentified assailants shot Sandeep‚ an International kabaddi player‚ at least 20 times. The victim‚ a young man‚ was wounded in the leg. The incident took place during a kabaddi tournament in Mallian Kalan‚ and a disturbing video of the shooting has gone viral. The suspects are not yet identified‚ but are believed to be four to five miscreants who stood behind trees and opened fire. Around 20 rounds were fired‚ and Sandeep was shot in the chest and head. A teenage boy was also injured in the attack‚ but was deemed safe. It is not known who exactly shot Sandeep Nangal‚ but the shooting took place on April 6 in Shahkot. Four unidentified assailants - a group of two to three men - opened fire on the International kabaddi player‚ killing him instantly. The murder case against the suspects was registered and the investigation is underway. People in the area are in shock and fear after the brutal attack.