Is it 18c per gallon? whoop-de-do. Biden's energy incompetence is revealed by a desperate gas tax wager

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Joe Biden Ends Federal Gasoline Tax For Three Months

President Joe Biden is considering ending the federal gasoline tax for three months. While prices continue to rise across the country‚ he is urging the Congress to support the holiday. But the question is‚ will the policy make a difference? Considering the high cost of gas‚ it would be a good idea to see if Biden will actually succeed in this. The question is‚ how will this affect you‚ the consumer?

Are you familiar with America's new exciting game Gas Tank Gamble The one you know: You drive past the local station hoping to find a spot at a slightly cheaper price. This weekend I was able to win big. Instead of paying $4.799 per gallon at my local station‚ I pulled into Costco with half the gallon left and saved 20 cents. It was like I had a million dollars driving. Then I realized that my fill-up was $3 closer to home. If President Joe Biden convinces Congress to vote‚ expect a nationwide reaction. Stop the federal gasoline tax He was to share his idea Wednesday afternoon after three months. Before boarding Air Force One from Kirtland Air Force Base‚ Albuquerque (N.M.)‚ in June‚ President Joe Biden moves. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Federal taxes are 18.4 cents per gallon for unleaded and 24.4 Cents for diesel. Texas state taxes are 20 cents per gallon. According to the Associated Press‚ this is a national average of $5 per gallon. People would save about 3.6%. One thing is certain: Savings are important‚ especially for the poorer. People are being crushed by rapid inflation‚ so there is often little they can do about it. However‚ economists believe that such a small cut would be beneficial. Might not even be noticed -- Especially against the dramatic rise in prices since Biden was elected to office. The move clearly aims to stop the wave of Americans' anger‚ pessimism and frustration. This has Biden's approval rating at Trumpian levels while Democrats are worried about massive midterm losses. Yet‚ Congress would have to pass his tax plan. The tax will return at the beginning of September. This is a spike just as some states begin voting. Smart! Biden must try‚ as the blame-everyone strategy doesn't work. As if no one noticed higher oil prices prior to the invasion of Ukraine‚ the White House continues to harp on Putin's sad price rise framing. He is attacking oil companies‚ asking them for lower profits. But he doesn't acknowledge that they were being encouraged to short-term profits by taking steps to reduce long-term production Next month‚ he’ll go to saudi arabia it should also be implored to increase production.

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What happens to the leaders of the pariah state? Shipping costs and energy prices are the main drivers of inflation. The effect of this is cumulative. Farmers are warning about it. Possible food shortages if diesel prices keep rising. If diesel prices keep rising‚ it is one thing for people to be stressed over the cost of food. It is quite another when they are unable to buy groceries. Gas prices‚ like most things in the economy are complicated. No‚ it's not all biden’s fault People are not buying his excuse games. Many voters feel that weak steps such as suspending fuel tax merely highlight the need for better solutions. Keep your Costco card in the meantime. Editor's Note: This column was originally published in Worth Discussion‚ our opinion newsletter. Every Wednesday‚ it's published with an updated take on the news as well as a summary of some of our most popular editorials and columns. sign up here .