Is Lay leaving K-pop group Exo? Chinese star quits label SM

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Lay Zhang Quits Label SM Entertainment

After ten years of collaboration with SM Entertainment‚ Exo Chinese star Lay Zhang has decided to leave the label‚ according to his own statement. The Chinese star shared his decision in an English and Korean note‚ and explained why he has decided to leave SM. He also said that he will always be there for the members of the group. In a statement‚ Lay expressed his thanks to the label‚ and wished the group all the best.

Lay's solo debut in 2016

Chinese singer Lay Zhang Yixing made his comeback with a new album. Since the release of her teasers‚ the singer's name has been trending all over Twitter. She's been working on her acting career as well as a solo music career. While fans have been anticipating her return‚ it's too early to tell if Lay's comeback is really happening. Let's take a closer look. Before releasing his first solo album‚ Lay worked with other artists and produced his own songs. He topped the China V Chart with Lose Control and performed a remix of Bazzi's song Sheep at Lollapalooza. In addition to his solo debut‚ Lay released a second EP‚ Dreams‚ in 2016. His success in China has been due to his involvement with Chinese television and film projects. His first solo track‚ Monodrama‚ received a positive response from the public. The track‚ co-written with Divine Channel‚ charted at number one on the YinYueTai VChart for five weeks‚ and even received a Best Song nomination from the Chinese Academy of Music. In 2016‚ Lay's solo debut will be a strong opportunity to showcase his musical prowess. The first single off of his debut album‚ Shores‚ is a song about metamorphosis‚ which is a theme in Lay's music. The song's instrumentation echoes the movement of an underwater current‚ while fingerpicked melodies float over a piano. Lay's vocals are both sage and childlike‚ conveying a sense of wisdom that is both ethereal and wise. After his debut as part of the boyband EXO‚ Yixing left the group and began working on his solo career. Since then‚ Lay has been working on other projects‚ including films such as Ex-Files 2 and The Mystic Nine. He's also appeared in the 'Kung Fu Yoga' movie. This year‚ his career is likely to skyrocket‚ so stay tuned for more! The singer's debut album will be released in China soon after the Asia Music Festival. Though his management hasn't confirmed the exact date of Lay's solo debut‚ speculations suggest it will be released in October. For fans in Asia‚ the news is welcome and exciting. Fans will be able to see all nine members of the group at the festival - the first time they'll perform together as a group since Kai returned from his leg injury. The album also contains a duet between Lay and the American hip hop group Far East Movement. The two collaborated on the track Lovebird‚ a dancehall-influenced song with lyrics that talk about how better things will be when two people get together. The song is also a tribute to Syd Barrett. In the end‚ Lay's debut album is an excellent choice. But the only problem with Lay's solo career is that he's only released one album so far.

His reason for leaving SM Entertainment

Lay Zhang recently announced his decision to leave SM Entertainment. He posted a one-page letter on his Instagram account thanking his fans for their support and stating that this step would mark a new beginning for him as a 30-year-old. Fans immediately expressed their disappointment and sadness. However‚ fans also expressed their gratitude for Lay's loyalty to the group. They shared that they will surely miss him. He was a trainee when he got into a fight during training. He was hungry after a long day of training‚ and he was reprimanded by another trainee for eating his food. The incident caused SM to send Lay back to China‚ where he began thinking about all his hard work going to waste. Then‚ he was offered another chance with the group‚ and he soon got his wish. After 10 years with the popular k-pop boy group EXO‚ Lay Zhang has announced his departure from the company. The news came as a shock to fans‚ as he had been in the band for ten years. Lay Zhang also shared two photos of a handwritten letter‚ and stated that he is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the band for such a long time. Despite Lay's reassurances to fans‚ netizens still speculate that he will be leaving the group in order to pursue a solo career. While he was in the group‚ Luhan‚ Kris‚ and Tao had already quit‚ Lay remained as the only Chinese member. However‚ Lay's absence from the group's activities raised concerns in the hearts of fans. Unlike the rest of the members‚ Lay was not even a part of Power and KoKoBop. Despite the fact that Lay is returning to EXO after five years‚ fans are still unhappy about the departure of Baekhyun. Baekhyun's departure was also a cause for concern as the young man is likely to have to enlist in the military soon. In addition‚ Lay was also rumored to be dating Kai. However‚ SM Entertainment has confirmed that the couple broke up. In his handwritten letter‚ Lay Zhang also thanked fans and fellow members of the EXO boy group. He signed it off with the words‚ Love you forever.

Reaction from fans

A new album by Chinese singer Lay Zhang Yixing has been getting a lot of attention. Since its release in February‚ fans have been going crazy over Lay's comeback. Initially‚ teasers hinted at his upcoming comeback‚ but fans were surprised to see that he had remained quiet for a while. Nevertheless‚ fans are still excited for Lay's upcoming solo career and rumors of a comeback have been circulating on Twitter. Following his exit from the group‚ fans have been reacting in an emotional way. After seeing Lay's appearance in the group's 2021 EP video‚ fans assumed that Lay was also leaving EXO. However‚ he has kept on working with the group. He has released several hit singles and albums since joining EXO. His latest album‚ Producer‚ was released on February 5‚ 2021. The members of EXO are nine people‚ including Lay. Originally‚ the group consisted of 12 members. However‚ two members had to leave the group because they were required to serve military service. However‚ Lay is now the only Chinese member and had to work hard to maintain the Chinese fan base. Fans are still hopeful that EXO will return with nine members. However‚ the group's comeback will be without these two members. Fans of EXO are not only upset with Lay's departure‚ but are also disappointed that the group may not continue with its work. They have been a mainstay for fans in South Korea and around the world. They recently performed at the Winter Olympics and became the first K-Pop group to have their faces projected on the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. As a result‚ EXO has carved itself a place in pop history. Despite being a Chinese star‚ Lay has remained dedicated to his music and fans. The news of Lay Zhang's departure from the SM Entertainment group was not unexpected‚ but fans were shocked. The Chinese star's contract with the company has expired‚ which makes it harder for fans to anticipate whether or not he will stay in the group. He apologized for the confusion and thanked the company for the opportunity to work with him. Fans may also be wondering whether Lay will remain in the group after his departure. The decision to split the group was widely anticipated‚ but the decision to part ways with the group has a far reaching effect on their careers. It is difficult to predict what lay's future holds‚ but the group's members have already proven their ability to work together in the past. Lay recently congratulated Baekhyun on her solo debut‚ and the other members also emceed Chen's solo album press conferences. Fans of EXO are also expressing their dismay over the news of Lay's departure. Fans are worried that the Chinese star might not be able to continue with his career. Fortunately‚ fans have many reasons to believe that Lay's departure is due to health reasons. However‚ his contract with SM was too long. The Chinese member may not have wanted to share her profits with SM. However‚ fans may feel that Lay's departure is a positive thing. However‚ fans should still remain optimistic about the group's future.